A Leader needs a Dog



As the sun set and the world became soaked in a blend of golden and red hues, a dog sat and waited silently for his Leader, reflecting on past battles against foes and mighty wins. The world moved dizzily as noble battles fought in the hidden corners of his soul: despair, hope, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

With knowing eyes, the loyal dog stood on guard in an unspoken pact of guardianship and love — a sacred ritual in refusing to admit farewell. 

As darkness fell, the dog stood against the backdrop of an ever-changing world. He stood in dignity, a silent sentinel, a guardian of a bygone era etched into his eyes.

A Leader Needs a Dog: The Dark Jazz Chronicles


Discover a compelling narrative woven around a silent canine sentinel against a backdrop of spectral shadows and ethereal light. Dive into a story that explores the essence of companionship and the unspoken bonds that guide us through life's obscured paths.


Canine companionship, Twilight vigil, Sentinel dog, Companionship in darkness, Breaking free, Unspoken bonds, Life's journey, Canine guardian, Shadows and light, Canine loyalty, Guide through darkness, Silent companionship

John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett, is an independent artist. You can view and subscribe to my work via Blogger, YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art

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