The Sky is Dark


The sky is dark, and the clouds are gathering ominously. The earth beneath us is parched and cracked, and we know a storm is coming. 

The problem is overwhelming, and yet we lack the sense of urgency and immediate action needed to address it. 

We have all been crowded into large cities, where our voices are silenced and the needs of society neglected. 

Our leaders act in secrecy and ignore our problems, leaving us feeling like we are being swept under the rug. 

We stand at a crossroads, frozen by the weight and significance of the decision that we must make. 

Our written histories show us that we have always been able to innovate, problem-solve, and transform when we come together. 

Let us link arms in unity and face the sunrise. Together, we can transform into a collective community that believes in positive change. 

We must demand that our elected leaders create a flourishing society that addresses and resolves the destructive problems we face.


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