Life in a Maelstrom - Day in a Life


In the relentless pursuit of success, I spent over two decades in the labyrinth of high-stress and unwavering work commitments. It was a relentless pursuit that exacted a heavy toll, leaving me, like many, on the brink of burnout. 

Yet, amid this maelstrom, there existed a sanctuary, a realm that helped me to translate the ceaseless demands of my professional life: my art. It was not about the brush strokes, the melody of colours, and objective abstraction. It was about the silent whispers of my sacred creativity. 

And now, as I contemplate the mundanities of low-powered life, I wonder how to regain my creative strength, how to rekindle the fire that once fuelled the excitement of the struggle. It is in the ordinary routine - washing dishes, cleaning, making lunch - and in the simple pleasures of resting with my dogs that I hope to find my way back to this path of inspiration. 

Like a ghoul justifying trapped in a cage, this reflection is about taking a selfie in a cage of my own making. But, as my Ghoul said, "The cage is trapped in me, not the other way around."


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