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Garden Wasp and Intentional Observation

As I was enjoying the peacefulness of my tropical water garden, I came across a lone ground wasp. The sun was shining brightly, making its wings sparkle. My garden was a beautiful blend of colours and calm waters, a shared haven where the hive's chaos and all expectations were temporarily muted. I watched the wasp search among the leaves and petals daily, moving with purpose and precision. However, despite my outward calmness, my mind was filled with emotions and thoughts. Although the garden held a deep connection for us, my sense of belonging didn't transcend my commitments. The gentle sounds of the water flow and the rustling of leaves in the wind brought a rare moment of peace amid an otherwise stressful life. Is the wasp's ability to sting an advantage in finding peace of mind or a perceptual error created by my intentional observation?

Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Day in a Life video

For me, life is an ever-evolving journey, and it's not just about understanding every part but experiencing the situation. There is a multiverse of layered complexities that I want to appreciate.

I enjoy the people who form my day with their unique stories, struggles, and triumphs—every individual meshes into my story. I have shifted from systemic produce to the garden.

We are the stories creating our place. Our workplaces should foster deeper connections, where leaders interconnect their stories as fellow travellers.

In the past, leaders wilfully enacted their sting to make decisive, sometimes harsh calls for productivity gain. However, it is now about how work can bring purposefulness and peacefulness to the working environment. This is where leadership can reinvigorate - creating environments where everyone can contribute and feel secure and valued.


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