The History of Whistle Blowers


Why does the media portray whistleblowers’ information as shadowy?

Whistleblowers are put under the spotlight, and the war criminals are not.

Whistleblowers are made isolated and vulnerable by institutions.

Forced between ethical duty and institutional obedience.

A history of law enforcement that scatters whistleblowers to waste.

The punishment of whistleblowers is a decline in our democratic values.

Can you hear the powerful laugh as their legal responsibility is avoided?

Whistleblowers are often considered unsung heroes in a world where the truth is often hidden. However, they find themselves in a paradoxical situation where they are celebrated for their bravery yet shunned by the institutions they try to expose. Those who reveal institutional and war crimes are genuinely remarkable and serve as the epitome of truth, yet they are often left vulnerable and isolated. 

The struggle faced by whistleblowers is symbolic of a widespread war on transparency. Every time they reveal something, they are usually not met with gratitude but with chilling indifference from law enforcement, rendering their efforts futile. The media often portrays whistleblowers' revelations in shades of doubt and conspiracy.

Whistleblowers face personal punishment, and their victimisation strikes a blow to our value pillars of liberty. The untouchable authoritative figures continue to laugh as they evade their legal responsibilities. 


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