Jingili Water Gardens Restricted Freedoms

Jingili Water Garden Restricted Freedom

Covid-19 2020
Just do it
Barriers onto my normality
Just do it
Being free to act within restrictions
Just do it
We cannot know things as they are in themselves (Kant)

Darwin Jingili Water Gardens 
The mango trees are all in bloom.

My life is in bloom. At 60. In the shadows of COVID-19. From what I visioned as the year of synchronicity 2020 has on the surface has, all but shut down.

Social barriers box in my normality. Instead of travel, I’m staying home.  Australia has shut down its borders, and so have I. 

So after a massive start, working under pressure, and meet stressful deadlines, I am questioning what it is I do. Do I meaner through my holidays without care and intensity? That is, feeling relaxed without care.
This self-reflection is about ‘just do it.’ 

I have dedicated myself to education for decades, and I am fastly approaching retirement. Since my early years as an artist and extended absence, I have fantasized about returning to a creative life choice. Even though I have maintained creating art on the side, I know this is a big challenge. I know one thing, I do not want to create art for art's sake.  

My challenge is me, and the type of art I want to produce. I want my art to be substantial, intentional and have an impact. It must have something to say to encapsulate the viewer outwardly and inwardly.

My starting point is, 'we cannot know things as they are in themselves' (Kant). 

Jingili Water Gardens will be my inspiration.

My philosophical purpose is creativity. 

My social purpose is considering how wealth and consumption control creativity.

Repetitive walks around Jingili Water Gardens will refine my thinking.
On this basis, I have dedicated part of my holiday getting to know myself by getting to know Jingili Water Gardens. 

Jingili Water Gardens Video

Jingili Water Gardens Morning Freedom

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