2014 National Visual Art Education Conference - Digital literacy and participatory multimodal media

I shall be presenting 'Digital literacy and participatory multimodal media' 2014 National Visual Art Education Conference in Canberra.

The session details are;

‘21st Century Learning – Changing classroom paradigms for students, teachers and institutions’

Tuesday 21 January at 1.30

Presentation Duration
15 min

Title and précis
'Digital literacy and participatory multimodal media'
Schools are the engine house of the future however there is disconnect between workplace expectations, and students’ in-school and out-of-school learning experiences. This discussion is about ‘cultures of learning’ and engaging 21st Century students through innovative programs.

10 Work Skills for the Future: Sense Making, Social Intelligence, Novel and Adaptive Thinking, Cross Cultural Competency, Computational Thinking, New Media Literacy, Transdiciplinarity, Design Mindset, Cognitive Load Management, Virtual Collaboration”

Our schools are the institutions that step Australia into the future. Curriculum expectations, national assessment and professional standards have changed. Society has moved from enterprise networks of PCs to a mobile world connected through social and personal cloud services. There is a convergence of entertainment, media, knowledge and information. New workforce skills are becoming essential. Today’s and tomorrow’s students are entering a life of work that demands significantly more technical skills than previously required. The steps forward are through creativity and innovation. Teachers, school and department leaders need to commit to innovative learning programs that employ 21st century technologies and are connected with contemporary society.

Students’ in-school and out-of-school ICT experiences are polarising and innovative learning programs can face multiple obstacles and gatekeepers. A learner-centred approach is required. An innovative and creative ‘culture of learning’ needs to be the driver and definer of classroom activity. This presentation discusses digital literacy proficiency, 21st century skills, and the value of ingenuity, innovation and creativity expressed through multimodal technologies.


John Bennett started his career in Victoria as an exhibiting artist. On moving to the Northern Territory John focused his energy on the integration of ICT within the classroom.  Over the past decade John has been employed as an Assistant Principal, Director of ‘Teaching and Learning with ICT’, and Senior Program Manager of multiple systems level, cross jurisdictional and in-school projects. John is currently the eLearning Strategic Consultant of the Northern Territory Department of Education. His studio arts background influences his administration processes.


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