Intelligent Systems Future looks Backwards

Intelligent Systems: Future looks Backwards

That is a lie Sir
In this house of fear, your law does not abide
No questions are asked,  no answers are given
Manifested understanding is the transaction premise
Where continuous ceremony induces parallel reality
You cannot enter softened by law
Where to shared misery and stealth is suffice
When shared fear empowers control
How we are at each other's back, ready to attack, ready to fear

My church is disciplined to our vision
Our constitution, our order, our prodigy, our marvelousness
In our concoction of stench, mayhem is regulated
And within, the sweet scent of exclusivity and the noise and the symbols of power we feed on each other
We in brotherhood are unabandoned
We are self-devoted to our purpose
I as we
What is to be achieved will be gained
Sir, you have no jurisdiction in this domain

You may enter under house rules
You may enter under nomination
You may enter under association
And whilst you hang on, our blades do we sharpen
And in your participation shall you make sacrifice

Spend your time in hiding
Run from post to post
Your cleverness will not outlast my wrath
Sell and seek cover
Lie and fabricate a new life
What is yours I can take away
Our destiny is now in my control
There is no safe harbour in this line you have drawn
Immersed and kissed

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