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Being creative is difficult. It requires time, patience and the need to do it. It is important to be creative - not as an artist in the creative industry - but as mind bender to influence and liberate work. As a knowledge worker it is the time spent on creative pursuit that enable innovation in the workplace. Innovation in the workplace requires time, patience and a need to do it. Being creative in the arts sphere is the practice playground for the workplace. It can be eclectic, it can be a doodle, it can out there and or elemental but it provides the canvas for possibility. Thank god for all those internet products that provide a chance to be creative without the hierarchy and the suppression of the arts industry. Art may have served god for many centuries but now creativity can serve the self and the self's need to be an innovative worker.

Leadership Motivation Teaching and Change

Leadership Motivation Teaching and Change

This is the era of increasingly rapid change. Teachers are charged with a mission to offer services that respond to technological and societal change. Change implications can be unforeseen. Outcomes to change can result in what can seemingly be unordered and unstructured. Students have to gain the benchmarks and assessable standards as well as gain the foreseeable future skills. How do teaching practices move from a controlled environment to a change focused environment?

Robin Sharma claims that all individuals must change from ordered followers to innovative leaders. This demand to change personal and professional perspectives is the result of;
The World going through its deepest change in historyBusiness structures are changingSociety is moving towards continual reinvention.

Sharma’s “The Leader who had no title” emphasises that this is the era of leadership influence. What does this mean for teachers, teaching and schools? How should “teache…

Social Networks & Education

Social Media is such a big business, education cannot ignore it.

Echo Chamber You select what you want to read about itYou make critical decisions on what you want to experienceYour stream of blogs and microblogsThe forums you want to be inYou select the information based on who you trustHow students gain information
How adults and youth gain information and use information is differentTeens (54%) get news from social mediaMore and more adults get news from social media, however, many feel this is a problem and are concerned by the mix of news that people see each day.Teachers use social media to get new teaching ideas, find resources, stay on top of trends and news and connect with other educatorsCybersafety is a major concern facing schools Teachers & schools need a social media strategyStrategies to increase learning engagementStrategies for inclusionStrategies for co-creationStrategies to protect student and teacher identitySocial media is an ecosystem
It changes rapidlyIt is compl…

Virtual School Student Survey

Virtual School Student Survey

For a Blended Course consisting of  Virtual & Face to Face Students employing an LMS and Video Conferencing

General Information
What Subject are you Enrolled in?Do you classify yourself as a Face to Face or a Virtual Student?
Face to Face students are BASED IN the same school as the teacher.
Virtual students are NOT BASED in the same school as the teacher.  Did you have prior knowledge that you were enrolled in a Virtual course?Why did you enroll in a Virtual Course?Technology
In generally which statements best describe your use of information technology when learning.
I prefer taking courses that use no information technology
I prefer taking courses that use a limited level of technology
I prefer taking courses that use a moderate level of technology
I prefer taking courses that use an extensive level of technology
I prefer taking courses that use technology exclusivelyCollaboration
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
I enjoy working with…

The Catholic funeral rites is about “what?”

Catholic funeral traditions are about “what?”
The Catholic basis - the 10 commandments – are the source of ideas and solutions however what do they mean when requesting a sanctified funeral?

Is approval based on favorable ethics of the time and or as a political marketing exercise?
It seems that when it comes to sanctified funerals, in contemporary times, only the gay porno movie makers miss out and it seems that the public scandal determines approval or not.
Catholic Funeral rites The Church denies funeral rites to the following people unless they gave some signs of repentance before death:
notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics; those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith; other manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful (cf. Canon 1184.1.1–3).
So does the Catholic Church give funeral rites to: Murderers? People, who commit suicide? Mass Murderers? Rapists? Murdering Gangsters…

This is an exciting time to teach with technology


Tablets will change education this year and in the

future because they align neatly with the goals and purposes of education in a digital age
Direct access to 24/7 information - anywhere anyplacetake advantage of the many resources available through iTunes Universitya mobile learning solution a focus on accessing media-rich learning content and resources.its an gadget world - 150,000+ iPhone and iPod Touch appsEconomics - Bloomberg

Art - BrushesAstronomy GoSkyWatch Planetarium.Science The Elements: A Visual ExplorationEarly Childhood The Elements: A Visual ExplorationLearn Spanish Hello-Hello.comResearch WolframAlphaDictionary Dictionary.comScrabbleScrabble for iPadand then ANDROID & LINUX is yet to hit - more to come.

these devices will succeed because:
They are about productivity — Learning is about doing and, increasingly, about doing both in and out of the traditional classroom. In the 21st century, learning is contextual and promotes engaging students in re…

Starting off with Technology

Starting off with Technology
These 3 sites can help Teachers who are uncertain with social networking and Technology in the classroom. It can now appear ever so mind boggling due to the many many options and the options keep growing.

How do teachers put it all together?

Using Technology: Practical Applications on Prezi is a great place to start

Getting started with Twitter
Getting started with Facebook
Creating a Facebook group
a Facebook fan page
Google Buzz
Getting started with Google Buzz
a Google Buzz group
Multiple accounts and networks
Synching networks
multiple accounts and networks

Building Community
with others

links and resources

up to date



PART 3 - USE IN LEARNING Presentations, Events,
Classes & Training

Using the backchannel at an event
the backchannel in a presentation