The Catholic funeral rites is about “what?”

Catholic funeral traditions are about “what?”
The Catholic basis - the 10 commandments – are the source of ideas and solutions however what do they mean when requesting a sanctified funeral?

Is approval based on favorable ethics of the time and or as a political marketing exercise?

It seems that when it comes to sanctified funerals, in contemporary times, only the gay porno movie makers miss out and it seems that the public scandal determines approval or not.

Catholic Funeral rites
The Church denies funeral rites to the following people unless they gave some signs of repentance before death:

  • notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics;
  • those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith;
  • other manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful (cf. Canon 1184.1.1–3).

So does the Catholic Church give funeral rites to:
  • Murderers?
  • People, who commit suicide?
  • Mass Murderers?
  • Rapists?
  • Murdering Gangsters -  Mob Leaders?
  • Pedophiles?
  • Gay Porno makers?
Who will bury the bad?
As Nick Cave asks – who will bury black Paul

The church teachers it is objectionably and gravely wrong but recognises conditions. The church has a matrix of the conditions.
  • “We no longer specifically name suicide as a reason to deny a Catholic funeral. Instead, a more generally worded ruling prevails: A funeral may be denied if its celebration would cause public scandal to the faithful; a bishop makes the final judgment. In many pastoral situations, the denial of a funeral might cause a scandal to the faithful.”read more
Suicide funeral due to schoolyard bullying

  • Twelve-year-old Debbie Shaw agrees to a challenge by other girls to end her bullying and victimisation by fighting the school bully. She died of her injuries.
  • Sisters Samantha and Michaela Kendal are so taunted and bullied about their overweight they go on hunger strike ... both died.
  • Burton-upon-Trent: Fifteen-year-old choirboy Darren Steele is found hanged in his bedroom after a life of bullying and victimisation at school.

Suicide - Euthanasia
However, could the same rites be off to Dr. Philip Nitschke (Doctor Death) or to any person that proceeds with euthanasia?

Vatican warns priests not to proceed.
  • “41 Catholic priests issued a formal warning by the Vatican for signing an open letter approving the removal of food and hydration.”read more
  • 41 Catholic priests have been issued a formal warning by the Vatican for signing an open letter approving the removal of food and hydration of helpless patients like Eluana Englaro.

The Catholic church has occasionally held funeral and burial services for aborted fetuses however whether it accepts pro-abortion advocates is another thing.
Senator Kennedy – Pro Abortionist
  • 'whatever happens in Church, Senator Kennedy will now face justice, which will lead him inside the gates of Hell. Bishop Robert C. Morlino - read more
  • “He (Senator Kennedy) was an adulterer, pro-abortion, most likely guilty of negligent homicide (unrepentant to the day he died)an alcoholic and a divorcee. It goes against all church doctrine for the church to have participated in burying him in the church. It's as idiotic as giving Sinatra annulments. Bishop, if you cannot understand our confusion and consternation then you need to retire.” read more
  • Senator Kennedy did get a Catholic Funeral but the controversy is loaded. This could be a question of being a sheep or a leader.
John J Geoghan - a convicted priest-pedophile received a full funeral after raping 150 kids over a 30-year career in six parishes. Geoghan was strangled and stomped to death in his cell.

Mob Bosses & Gangsters

Notorious mob boss John Gotti buried in Roman Catholic cemetery but not given a funeral Mass.
“NEW YORK Notorious mob boss John Gotti will be interred in a Roman Catholic cemetery alongside his son, but his family was denied permission to hold a funeral Mass for the convicted killer.

Gotti, responsible for at least five murders during his bloody reign atop the Gambino crime family, will not receive a Mass of Christian burial, the Rev. Andrew Vaccari, chancellor of the Diocese of Brooklyn, said Wednesday.
Instead, Vaccari said in a one-sentence statement, "there can be a Mass for the dead sometime after the burial …...”
read more

Gotti burial in Roman Catholic cemetery was approved, but he didn't receive a funeral Mass. “Gotti was mourned in a non-church, private service and taken to a cemetery that also holds other top mobsters. The Catholic Church had denied his family’s request for a religious service.” read more

Carl Williams was given a funeral Mass in a $30,000 bronze and 14-carat gold coffin.
  • Father Bill Attard said it was appropriate to hold the funeral at St Therese's because the church had adopted a prisoner and believed in the goodness of all people, including criminals.
    There is a leper and a wolf in all of us, he said after recounting stories of St Francis of Assisi hugging a leper and taming a wolf.
    "We are here to pray for Carl, he had the dignity of the human spirit in him,'' he told mourners.
  • Williams was jailed for a minimum of 35 years for ordering the murder of Lewis Moran and his son Jason, Mark Mallia and Michael Marshall.

Mass Murderers – Nazi
Dinko Sakic a Coatian Nazi - given a sanctified Catholic Funeral
Croatian commander of the notorious WWII Nazi Ustasa concentration camp in Jasenovac, Dinko Sakic was buried in the full Ustasa uniform confirms Father Vjekoslav Lasic, Croatian Catholic priest.

Family Killers
Catholic Church's decision to grant Steven Sueppel a funeral at St. Mary's Church after he killed his wife and four children on Easter night – he also committed suicide. awaiting trial on federal embezzlement and money-laundering charges at the time of the killings.

Gay Porno Makers
The church does consider a gay or lesbian orientation “unnatural” and “disordered”.
John McCusker - the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego defended its decision to deny him a Catholic funeral by stating that a gay pornographic video had been filmed in his club
"The bishop acted as he did so that the faithful would not be misled and erroneously conclude that the Church condones activities such as those included in the businesses of Mr. McCusker," read more
  • Academic Comment.
    Maureen Tilley, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Dayton

    • "It's not necessarily a judgment on people's souls; it's a judgment on how their action impacted public order within the church," Tilley said. "If the church buried him, it would somehow be seen that the church approved of his business activities." read more
The Church as an organisation makes judgments on crimes against society on the basis of the impact of the crime on itself.

If the Church thinks that a sanctified funeral does make statements of approval what can society gain on the decision of disapprove?

It seems that pro-abortionists, pro-euthanasia, and gay porno makers impact the church image.

Mass murderers, Family Killers, Priest Paedophiles, Gangsters, and Mob Leaders have a smaller impact on the church image.

If compassion and forgiveness are the key consideration perhaps the Catholics should remove keywords like sanctity and sacred.

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