Midnight Passage Under the City's Skin


Midnight Passage Under the City's Skin

As the couple walks under the city overpass, they feel the weight of existence around them. The oppressive surroundings of steel and concrete remind them of their solitary existence in the universe. They assimilate into the nothingness that threatens to engulf them with each step. The lighting casts their shadows as disjointed silhouettes, reflecting the disorganised nature of existence. They feel like objects in the enclosed space, and the unsettling realisation of life's inherent lack of meaning causes nausea.

Poem: Living under the city overpass

Living under the city overpass.
A couple senses the heavy burden of their existence.
Steel and concrete loom over them.
Underscoring their isolation in the vast universe.
With each step, they blend into the void.
Feeling its engulfing presence.
Shadows stretch into broken shapes.
Mirroring the chaos of life itself.
In this confined space, they are mere objects among objects.
A nauseating epiphany strikes them.
Life's meaning is elusive and uncertain.
In the heart of the city.
They confront the stark reality of their existential plight.


Urban, Nocturnal, Overpass, Infrastructure, Silhouette, Concrete, Cityscape, Shadows, Walkway, Isolation, Urban Art

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