Is Hollywood Rewriting History


Is Hollywood Rewriting History? Reflecting on Cultural Identity

This video explores the potential distortion of historical narratives through a Hollywood lens. I grapple with questions of authenticity, colonial legacy, and the importance of preserving cultural nuances in storytelling. Join me in this discussion on representation and the power of who gets to tell the story.


  • Hollywood cultural appropriation
  • Filipino history
  • storytelling authenticity
  • colonialism in film
  • resistance narratives

Our Hollywood Heroes are on Fire

We dream of parallel universes where Hollywood heroes and colonial adventurers of the 19th century coexist.
These adventurers were cultural conquerors, erasing borders and reshaping narratives to fit the dominant worldview.
Hollywood continues this tradition, reworking stories to fit the familiar and shaping our perceptions of reality.
We must question the stories we are told, lest we become complicit in subtly reshaping history and perpetuating distorted narratives.


  • History
  • Colonialism
  • Fire
  • Social justice
  • Resistance
  • Wealth disparity
  • Hollywood

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