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Do you feel the weight of history in your city's streets? Does the same spirit that fueled Bonifacio's fight for Philippine freedom burn in you today?

Walking with Bonifacio
Chino Roces Avenue burns with history.
I imagine heroes like Andrés Bonifacio
sweating in this same overwhelming heat.
The cultural spirit that Bonifacio kindled.
Each step reveals layers of the Filipino struggle for freedom.
Skyscrapers loom but can't hide the past.
Bonifacio's soul lingers in these streets.
The fight for justice continues today.

The privileged few have stripped this city, and the desperate have been pushed to the neglected outskirts. Defiance has spread through the streets as the poor are forced to pay inflated costs. The social fabric tears under the pressure of workers trapped in endless cycles of debt. Years of witnessing wealth disparity, crushing interest rates and suppressing labour unions have moulded resistance into something unyielding.

Bonifacio, Filipino history, colonialism, Manila, social justice, resistance, wealth disparity

Call to Action:
"Share YOUR knowledge of the history of fighting for justice in your city in the comments below."


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