Robodebt Persona


"The Robodebt system represents a classic example of the dangers of implementing top-down, bureaucratic solutions that neglect the complexity of individual human lives. Such a flawed and heartless system has caused immense harm to many people's lives, who were falsely accused of owing debts and suffered the consequences of the government's careless actions. The use of automated systems without proper oversight and accountability can lead to severe injustices and undermine the principles of individual responsibility and dignity. It is crucial to learn from such mistakes and work towards creating more compassionate and effective policies that respect each person's unique circumstances. The recent settlement of the class-action lawsuit over the Robodebt is a step in the right direction. Still, we must remain vigilant and critical of any system that threatens the values of fairness and justice."

Robodebt Persona Celeste is a positioned-based artistic statement encapsulating the ongoing classical aesthetic and real-world politics. 

RoboDebt Persona and Script

Robodebt Persona Celeste

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