RoboDebt SCOMO I had great faith


We're very confident in the legal basis for this, the integrity of the system, and the system's capacity to deal with any issues raised.

In 2016, the Australian government introduced the Robodebt system to collect welfare overpayments, falsely accusing many of owing debts and causing immense harm to innocent lives. The system lacked oversight, accountability, and compassion, generating debt notices without considering individual circumstances, leading to widespread public outcry. Citizens united in resistance through a class action lawsuit to hold those in power accountable and seek justice, learning the importance of creating compassionate policies. The Robodebt served as a warning that powerful automated systems lacking compassion and accountability could lead to great harm. 

Resistance through class action led to a vital victory, forcing the government to compensate those affected. The settlement was a step in the right direction, but the people remained vigilant against any system threatening fairness and justice. The Robodebt system was a symptom of a broader problem, and resistance through unity was their most potent weapon. Resistance through class action was a powerful tool to prevent similar injustices. 

The people must continue to resist and fight for fairness and justice for all, never giving up the fight for justice. They must work towards creating compassionate policies that respect individual circumstances and never forget the lessons learned from past mistakes.

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