What is Manga? part 1

What is Manga - is a research-based unit/tutorial plan for Year 10 students
> Free to use and alter

Learning Requirements and Success Criteria

Learning Requirements:
  • Understand, analyze, and evaluate the impact of social and/or ethical issues related to information-processing and publishing technologies.
Success Criteria:
  • You will demonstrate a greater cultural understanding of the characteristics and conventions of Manga art through a study of Japanese artists.
  • You will demonstrate a greater understanding of how information-processing and publishing technologies employ Manga art.


Expectation 1:
You will need to participate in the WHAT IS MANGA forum by addressing 2 requirements:
  • Requirement 1: You must post your ideas and thoughts on Manga into the forum
  • Requirement 2: You must reply to other classmates ideas and thoughts on Manga
WARNING: The Manga forum is a place to share ideas and thoughts on Manga. You must respect each other's ideas and thoughts. NO TROLLING is allowed.

Expectation 2:
You will complete a 350 to 400-word research paper (or multimodal equivalent) on Manga. 
  • HINT: The 350 to 400-word research paper submission will only appear once you have completed the requirements of the WHAT IS MANGA forum
What is Manga? Presentation

English: Manga & Anime Lesson from KatieEnglishTutoring

HINT: Take Notes and Share your ideas and thoughts in the What is Manga forum

What is Manga? Forum

This is a formative assessment task. It is designed to assist you and your manga class-mates, to discuss and reflect on your thoughts concerning Manga.

To successfully do this, you must have watched

  • What is Manga? Presentation
  • BBC Report on Manga

It is expected that you will post your reflections and reply to another classmates reflection

The What is Manga? Forum must be completed before attempting the written assignment
(Teacher needs to set up a online forum)

FORUM: Questions to Address

  • Manga History: What interested you and why?
  • Anime Characters: Which ones appeal to you and why?
  • Culture: How does Manga influence culture and how does culture influence Manga
  • Technology: What types of technology have been employed by Manga artists?

Written Assignment

It is expected that you will complete a 350 to 400-word research report on Manga Culture and Technology. You are able to submit a multimodal equivalent research report. This can be either;
  • an oral recording 
  • a powerpoint with notes
  • a video
  • a photo story
    Please consult your teacher if you wish to discuss the multimodal alternatives
To successfully do this, you must have 
  • Completed the What is Manga Forum
    • and watched the What is Manga? Presentation and BBC Report on Manga.
    • researched the internet for more information and Manga and Culture and Technology.
Topic 1: Written Assignment requirements
  • 350 to 400 words (or equivalent)
  • The report INTRODUCTION should cover: An overview of Manga - history
  • The report BODY should contain 3 key paragraphs covering
    • An issue/interest concerning CULTURE
    • An issue/Interest concerning TECHNOLOGY
    • An issue/interest concerning a MANGA ARTIST and or CHARACTER
    • The report CONCLUSION should cover: Your thoughts and ideas

What is Manga: Part 2

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