Despair Embrace

Despair Embrace - It is about cultivating caring.

Title: Despair Embrace - Cultivation
Year: 2014
Medium: Autodesk SketchBook, Samsung Note 2
Artist: John Bennett jjfbbennett
Series: Calligraphy Bug series
Image version: png

In moments of time divinities perpetuate our consciousness and knowing activity. Nourishing each other and feeding each other through touch. Unspoken acceptance in the want of knowing that this trust is acceptance and celebration of mortality. Greatness of life is only fleetingly expressed within an intimate blanket of being together embraced together in isolated inclusivity.

The embrace nurtures us back to health. It pacifies mistakes, errors and transgressions.

In languages not transcribed, deeply rooted in tacit knowing, abstract understanding and unspoken shared need expressions of despaired love is not demonstrated as a display of agreement, but through abstracted participation of intimacy. The unconditional embrace transcends written literacy and procedural agreements inspiring greatness. You can do it. I am with you.

  • How do we embrace within the hierarchical structures of regulated institutional behavior?  
  • Are our institutional divinities the protectors of cultivation? 
  • Are our civic services embellished with the unspoken artifacts rooted within the despair of mortality? 
  • Can our learning institutions nurture our youth with empathy and shared sorrow?

With our children in our arms we provide instruction. Instruction to become part of our society. Our processes are firmly based within the paradigm of transcending experienced knowledge onto the innocent

 Goya had fallen seriously ill and his doctor, Eugenio Garc’a Arrieta, nursed him back to health.
Mother-Goddess associated with Demeter

The maternal female figures with a child in their arms are associated throughout the Mediterranean with nourishing divinities such as Demeter, the goddess of the Greek pantheon, who was the protector of cultivated lands and of wheat.
"I believe in the immortality of all creatures."

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