Godin Wonder Cosmos Text

Godin Wonder

Godin Wonder

what do we want the machine to see?
do we want the machine to see god?
god in our hands
god in our hearts
god in our minds
god in our actions
god in our love

Godin Cosmos

Godin Cosmos

Out there is discovery
In here is discovery
Whether it be micro or macro the same situation draws us from under cover
Hear the call,  in urgency and haste
The speed ever increasing and yet all differences seem to coverage
The reason being forward and the answer being past
If we continue to observe we shall delude ourselves by the sheer cunning of our ingenuity
If we fall into the grace of mystery we shall delude ourselves by the sheer stupidity of our godliness
It whispers in our ear
Imagine it and it will exist

Godin Text

Godin Text

Fear within the night air
Come into the darkness
Way underground way out there
Dig and scratch, scratch and dig
No sensors undefinable darkness
Without sight
Without sound
Without touch
Without scent
Without taste
Without sense, without body, within darkness

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