Godin Surveillance

I'm listening to you.
I never ever wanted to get this close to you.
But I had to listen to you.
I never knew the things I needed to know of you.
Yes I wanted to.
Why oh why do you not trust my knowledge of you.
I can protect you.
Your safety is all I ever wanted to protect.
You cannot talk to me.
It's what you say and do, that is ever so important to us.
You cannot inspect me.
Your data is secret and you may never know what I know of you.

If we can save but one life, this surveillance is well-worth the money spent.
If you have nothing to hide, we will take no action against you.
Your data is safe, we place priority on your security.
Our nation needs your help, to make your life safe from threat and hate.
It is evil times, I am your listening for your own good.
We are good, and we are determined to make good.
We are working with you, to ensure your life is safe.
We are listening to you, to ensure all know we are safe.
We are a preemptive service, here to protect our way of life.
Evil times require surveillance of all.

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