EggHead Black has a character - workplace psychopath

Back doesn't change workplaces that often.

His power is in his immediate workplace experience. When required Back gets into another workplace via association. Someone in power always owes Back. Back has a network of power friends. When in a tight situation Back can rely on 'the friends'. Back has more enemies than friends, however the enemies are disorganized as a network of power, they change positions and they know that they cannot contest Back without bullet proof evidence. Back knows who has networked power and who doesn't.

Back enjoys the permanence of middle management within the public service. Back has no interest in holding an executive management position. These positions require more effort to maintain tenure and are open to attack by similar radicals. As a young leader Back attempted to hold an executive position but could not manage support. There was too much work involved in the tendering of support. Within middle management Back has fewer to content with and can fire shots into the executive knowing this would assist his standing. Back loves the power of dis-creditation. Back is excited when he can engineer a fight (without direct involvement). Back gains satisfaction when a leader is dismantled.
Back is full aware that most are not happy with their jobs and their state of being. Back exploits this vulnerability with ease. Black engineers conflict, isolationism and victimization. As a leader in middle management Black offloads responsibility to executive management.

Back is a social extrovert but only within workplace gatherings. Back will dominate the lunch room by instigating racial, sexual and pro-conservative inflammatory statements. Back will enable the like-minded to speak white ant executive decisions via whisper leaking . Back will not attend any work related social gatherings that are off the workplace. Back knows where power resides and where power and prestige is held - that is on the work-floor.

Back is aggressive. Back will openly criticize 'the identified' weak and soft. Back has no empathy for his victims. Satisfaction can be gained by enabling someone to fall from status. Tough words and tough language is Back's mantra.
Back has no visionary goals. Back can only refer to the past. Back is a danger for organizations that are struggling. Organizations that need innovative action for their survival can be dismantled by Back. Once Black is identified Black is then moved onto another organization that has problems. Back builds power by enacting the disgruntled, static and burned out worker. Back is a leader of zombies who have no other passion for life but destruction of any leader who may challenge their role in the organization.


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