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21st Century Learner - Teacher - Leader - School

21st Century Learner The 21st Century Learner requires 21st Century Teachers The 21st Century Teacher requires 21st Century School Leaders The 21st Century Leaders vision 21st Century Schools

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Technological Change and Social Good

It is not about innovative technological change, its about new forms of value or social good
Lets not start innovation off with: The technology and the marketing plan

Continuous Analytical Reflections from Alex17436579

 Lets start off by: Engaging a deeper human need for meaning, for contribution, for sharing the future journey together.

Future public transport: The straddling bus

Tired of traffic jams and exhaust fumes? A recently unveiled design concept for a "straddling bus," which lets cars drive underneath, can not only save road space but also help reduce air pollution.

The passenger compartment spans two traffic lanes and sits high above the road surface on a pair of stilts,leaving the road clear for ordinary cars to pass underneath.

Regardless of whether the the bus is moving or not, cars under 2 meters high can easily pass through.

Running along special tracks, the bus can carry up to 1,400 passengers, and travel at a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

Being too Busy to Think

The BIG Issue: Exhausted Teachers cannot reform

For so many reasons most teachers I talk to say that they are busy. Busier year after year.  

Burnout often affects people in helping professions: lawyers, doctors, social workers, managers and teachers, among others. For teachers, working with students means constantly trying to respond to their needs while simultaneously meeting the various demands of the organisation. When teachers feel that there is a mismatch between all these demands and the available resources they have for coping with them, stress is induced. The usual culprits mentioned are: lack of time, ideas, materials, expertise and support.

This is not unusual

Almost half of new teachers leave the profession in their first year because of an excessive workload and 'exhausted and stressed colleagues', a union leader has warned.The number has tripled in six years, according to an analysis of figures by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers …


I am the King I am the Queen I am your King I am your Queen
Not even Napoleon Even Napoleon Not even Napoleon could stop me  Not even Napoleon could stop me with his guillotine

Shower me with your tributes Shower me with your dedication Shower me with your presents Now get out of my way

Australian Bogan Word list

Bogan Word list
How many of these words will Aussie pollies drop this election? A
Anzac, Anzacs, Anzac Day (i.e. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)
Aria Awards, Arias (music awards presented by the Australian Recording Industry Association; the Australian equivalent of the Grammys and the Brits)
asylum-seeker (someone who has applied for asylum in a country not their own and who is awaiting a decision as to their status as a refugee) B
bloody (colloquial, intensifier signifying approval or disapproval)
bludger (colloquial, a lazy person who lives off the generosity of others)
bogan (colloquial, mildly derogatory, a person, generally from an outer suburb of a city or town and from a lower socioeconomic background, viewed as uncultured)
bonzer (not bonza) (colloquial, excellent)
boofhead (colloquial, a fool, typically a male)
bro, bra, budda, brudda (all are acceptable, male friend or relative)
burl (“Give it a burl!”) (colloquial, to make an attempt) C
cab sav (colloquial, cabernet sauvignon)

And as the day fled west

And as the day fled westSo did my consciousnessThere can only be one So my problems began


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#factcheckor #gutfeeling
Which one do you rely on to make decisions?

Hey Charger

My Favourite Australian Car The Charger
Never owned one Never driven one Never been a passenger in one But love 'em
Valiant Charger VH The VH Charger was introduced in August 1971. The Charger R/T E49 in June 1972, and Charger E55 340 in October 1972. The lineup in the beginning included the Charger, Charger XL, R/T Charger, and the luxury 770 Charger. Due to the uproar over "Supercar" which were dubbed "bullets on wheels", the VH model also saw the demise of the R/T Charger and their souped up engines.
VH Charger R/T E38 Hemi 265 linked to a 3 speed manual with a top speed of 203 km/hr 0-100 km/hr in 6.4 secs Standing 400 m in 15.0 secs
VH Charger E49 Hemi 265 linked to a 4 speed manual with a top speed of 216 km/hr 0-100 km/hr in 6.1 secs Standing 400 m in 14.1 secs (Australia's fastest production car)
Valiant Charger VJ The Valiant Charger VH was introduced in March, 1973 and included in its line-up the Charger, Charger Xl, Charger 770, and the Limited Edition Charge…

Reform failure & Classrooms

Reform Failure & Classroom: The Matrix ‘... it is more difficult to find evidence that classrooms have improved or even fundamentally changed as a result of the many reform initiatives; and indeed the persistent failure of educational change is a common theme in the literature (Sarason 1990, Fullan 1993, Cuban 1998, Spillane 1999) (Wallace 2011).

You take theblue pill, the story ends. You stay the same apathetic you
You take thered pill, the story begins. You transform with stimulation

Blue pill: 7 Stages of Change Inertia      Red pill: 7 Stages of Change Behaviour

I don’t know: Ignorance I don’t want to know: Rejection I can’t: Inability It won’t work: Pessimism It’s too hard: Complication I couldn’t be bothered: Apathy I’ll get them back: Undermine

Natural Sound Generator

Natural  Sound Generator
Use this free tool to play nature sounds on headphones while reading or meditating or just for fun.
A great tool for students to create a natural sound immersed classroom

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