Vacation Exit


Vacation Exit

I am stuck in an edge-forward crawl. 

A gridlock by design.

Two locals are engaged in dialogue.

My world is locked into this predestined cabin.

Their world is open and unrestricted.

A melody formed by parallel and simulated circumstances.

I find myself in a paradox of motion and stillness, where the journey halts, but thoughts race. Once vibrant and bustling, the world outside is now trapped in silent stillness, where the traffic has morphed into itself. Time has stretched into micro eternities. 

Our cars lined up like beads on a string. We share a communal struggle in our isolated bubbles. Each vehicle is a small universe in its own right. All our stories, dreams, and disappointments converge into a gridlock.

In this enforced pause, I try to soothe my grinding frustration - the theft of my time and obstacle to plans. I need to learn how to appreciate containment. 


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