Tagaytay carrousel


My gridlock time has warped.

I'm trapped in a loop of idling engines. 

Just another character in some grand, cosmic simulation.

I'm taking my turn in this elaborate play. 

With every inch forward, the sensation grew stronger.

I am captive to this carousel. 

Spinning me round and round. 


John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett, is an independent artist. You can subscribe to JJFB's work via Blogger, YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art

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If you want to acquire JJFB's art creations as an NFT - John's Opensea NFT profile is https://opensea.io/JJFBbennett  


This artwork is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. Distribution and/or modification of the artwork without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited.


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