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  Manila's SKYBRIDGE to SHOPPING HEAVEN Description: Join me on an exhilarating journey through the skies of Manila! We'll traverse the De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views of the city's vibrant skyline and bustling streets. Feel the energy of Makati as we stroll above the traffic, exploring this unique urban oasis. Discover the seamless connection between convenience and luxury as this skybridge leads us to a shopper's paradise, where world-class dining and retail therapy await. Don't miss this insider's look at Manila's most stylish secret! Keywords: Manila, De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, Makati, Philippines, skywalk, walking tour, aerial view, city views, urban landscape, shopping district Hashtags: #Manila #Philippines #Makati #DeLaRosaWalkway #Skybridge #TravelPhilippines #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #WalkingTour #CityViews #UrbanLandscape #HiddenGem #TravelGuide #VisitPhilippines #LuxuryShopping #Shopping #videoart #travel



Q Gallery
Taking Action

The Arrival

Q Street Q STOP

Fortitude Valley Lane with Rabbit

Fortitude Valley End of Lane

The Flood Gate

The Red Flood Gate

Atonement on behalf of himself and all his kindred
With pigtail

Sunrise over Story Bridge
From God's own country to God's country

The High Rise and the Locked Gate
Rich Art Poor Art


In 1859 Queen Victoria granted them their own colony

He returned with soldiers and established a temporary settlement

They were enticed by the promise of free land grants

The contributions made towards taming this land for the betterment of society.

And when the Americans arrived, they had the chocolates, the ice cream, the silk stockings and the dollars.

Our leaders demonstrated the actions of those who strive to abide by the biblical truths and to subjectively apply known half-truths. 

Q1-6 Collection

The Tourist and Art Collection

Q Weakness
My power is made perfect in your weakness

Arrival and Cogito
The arrival occurs when cogito is realized

Q St Tower Mill
A windless location

Wheel of Atonement
Teaching them to learn through sweat and suffering

Atonement Carpet before the Gates of Fortitude
Remembering the symbolic meanings that overlap all that is material

A Flood Gate and The Atonement Wheel
It explains nothing and doesn't solve any problems

Plato - Atonement and the Red Earth
Q Collection
Convinced that there are two openings into the earth

And then the new people are born

Penal substitution and voluntarily submitting to the restoration plan

A new listing of extraordinary power

Knowing the centre of the extremities

They sent a very powerful message.
Atonement required punishment

Enter to overcome your fear of risk

Poverty Gate - The most vicious cycle of poverty targetting the marginalised and vulnerable

Through me is the way into the doleful city. 
Through me is the way into eternal suffering. 
Through me is the way that runs among the lost.

The Intergenerational Agony Chain
A relentless chain from one generation to the next

There is no objective reality behind this unknowable gate


Feeling broken, wounded, at loss, disconnected, incomplete and critically aware

Agony in Green behind the Gate
Feeling broken

Agony in Red and Green behind the Gate
Feeling wounded

Agony in Red and Blue behind the Gate
Feeling at loss

Agony in Red and Blue behind the Gate
Feeling disconnected

Within the Agony a Sphere
Feeling incomplete
Against those who transcend our threshold

Agony Belief and Machinations
Feeling critically aware
The point is that there isn't a plan when you have been discarded

The Puppet Gatekeeper
From the basis of corresponding intuition

Ruby Cross Amulet Gate
Securing divine protection for oneself

Ruby Cross Amulet Orb Opens Gates

The Expectations
Crown Jewels Open the Locked Gate
Execute justice and lead your people in the way wherein they should go

Devine Grace Orb and Open Gate
Justice and obedience are inflicted through divine grace

Working our way to Alpha Centauri
This organism is in a state of need.

Bridging the intergenerational disadvantaged from the history of the not entirely neglected.

Q 1-6 Weakness video
Grant them their own colony
Established a temporary settlement
Promise free land
A better society
With chocolates, ice cream, silk stockings and lots of $$$$
Deliver on acceptable half-truths
Show them your power

Q The Tourist and Art
The importance of travel to perform critical standing before enacting reflective thinking

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