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From Studio Artist to Metaverse Artist

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This is my journey from Studio Arts to Digital to Online to NFT to the Metaverse
Starting point - Decentraland

From Studio Artist to Digital Artist to NFT Artist to Metaverse Artist
This is the start of my journey into the metaverse
My name is John Bennett and my AKA is JJFBbennett

I want to immerse my art in the virtual landscape
My starting point is This Branch
This Branch is about accepting the beauty of the night and how it affects our sleep, mood, emotions, and conscious being
It is based on 12 branches and contains poetry, vignettes and reflections

I have started to plan out how my metaverse
It will be hive-like
It will branch out into other technology realms
I want it to be connected to ancient architecture
And spiritual aspirations

My first step into the metaverse is Decentraland
I have not experienced this metaverse
But the welcome page is exciting

You are welcome to join me in this discovery journey
Support and share

Video link

Metaverse but which one - Decentraland, Sandbox and or Spacial

This is my effort to move from Studio Artist to Metaverse Artist 
But now for the research
There are many options 
The options all seem to be variants of the same concept
But intentions are different
So do I need a fit for purpose
Or do I need to adapt to the choice available

As my art is not exactly linear
And it is open to stimulus 
I think I may initiate with a purpose 
And follow through with adaption

There is a lot of advice to filter through
My initial step is to Decentraland
As I can create and construct using Blender
It was my first gut nod
So I will stick with it 

I think I leave Microsoft Mesh alone and Somnium
They sound exciting but I need to have some limitation
I am more interested in Sandbox 
Perhaps I could gamify my art

Many years ago I ventured into Second Life
I kind of keep an eye on it
If Second Life ventures into blockchain or crypto
I will reenter
Apparently, Blender can export to Second Life

I am interested in Spatial
I have an Oculus 
This could be a place to meet people
Who are interested in my art

After reading what do do
I am ready to jump in
Step 1 download

So I installed Decentraland
Pretty colours
Orange pinks, yellow and sky blue
Just like candy
Oh no, a QR

I try the only version
Bugger a network mismatch
I retry the PC app
Oh no, the QR again
And the WalletConnect doesn't have my wallet
I retry the online version
And try with MetaMask
And yes, I'm loading in

Time to build a cool character
I'm grey and ride a Z900
So I flick through the free avatar options
My JJFBbennett avatar

So in I go 
The Genesis Plaza
And there I am, the grey nomad
Alice then gives me all the instruction 
That I instantly forget

I like the diving board
The chance to jump into the abyss
Alice praises me like a good coach
Look at all of that instruction
Looks like a lot of practice is required

Take screenshots or snippets of video 6

So here I stand
Before the whirlpool
The portal into Decentraland
It is peaceful

Oh, some jumped in
I'm not sure if anyone scrolls through all options
The sense of gravity is awkward in the least
Not many players are in the options
Could Decentaland be as empty as Second life?


John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscribe to his work via Blogger, YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art

If you want to support his art creation you can give a one-time donation to him through PayPal here or a subscription via Patreon here.

If you want to acquire his art creations in NFT - John's Opensea NFT profile is  


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