Three Sisters of Disruption

Sister 1 Keres


Ownership of activity
Prescribed by acceptable transactions

All is in flux
Resulting in frustration
And redefining 
What is a fully functioning person

New base-line violations and agreements
To deal with unconscious reaction and reasoned response
Every interaction is observed
To satisfy the needs of commercial interest

There is no snap-back
This is the new socio-economic order
Of artificial intelligence, automation, and surveillance

Those who are left behind
Will be punished by poverty
By systems that are impenetrable and dehumanizing

If you want to survive, stay away
From their dominance and contagion 
From their wandering battlefields
As they scavenge and feed on loss
Feeding on their rotten victories

They elicit suspicion 
Then once we are one from each other 
They feed on the socially isolated
By creating closed loops
Fall and you are theirs

In other words
Until you are dragged by the feet through their carnage

Sister One Keres Disruption: Video 

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