Friday, February 7, 2020

Picture Poems 2020

From the imagination of virtuous Christians.
The splendor of all that was to become accumulated into this dispised legacy. 
From the beginning regret and guilt. 
Into a settler nation shackled by paranoia.

We claimed the superior use of land. 
To build our Colonial Georgian aesthetic.
And all that cringe that followed.

Oh this our lucky country.

Marvelous Melbourne.
Built by virtuous pioneer families.
Achievements made through sin, repentance and redemption.

It was our exclusive right.
To self fictionalize. 
To mask the inflicted horror.
To turn a blind eye.

Through Royal Charter, the settlers reigned down. 
With sheep.
And beef.
And homes.
And names.
And justice.

Until control was legislated and systemic racism standardized a socio-economic divide.

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