Ulladulla Cut 2019

We only want to be provided clues 
No longer do we want our problems answered
From now on - dismantle and search
Under this contractual biosphere 
Knowing all of the hyped-up falsities
The everyday inference
My overvalued ideas 
Our failed continuum 

It was always out of reach
Barriers no matter how small 
Barrier no matter how thin
Have held me in sway

Cutthroat capitalism
Empires and colonies
Subjected new frontiers
Past crimes held beyond reproach

My car is making me fat
I no longer walk
These streets are devoid of humans
Nobody is noticing that everything is wrong
Until a barbarian walks by
Then cries of horror are heard

We come to catch a glimpse of the primitive
The pre-capitalist primitive 
The pre-Christian primitive
With the convenience of coffee and shops
Not quite the real thing
Taking photos
Buying artifacts

The Ulladulla Gatekeeper
In tribute to Russell Drysdale
In the greatness of the Gatekeeper's Wife
The opposing force

Of our voice
Of the audience 
Retelling and redistributing
Not one but many thousand
Can you hear my echo

Botany Bay Social Primitive

Standing within a political junction
In the footsteps of mass transportation

For the public good
And the complicated machinery of engineering a coexisting place
Racist stereotypes used to justify colonial conquest
To establish our  newfound enlightenment
As a legitimate entity 
As settlers obscuring the travesty of invasion

The British went on and imposed
Their penal settlements
Through conflict and violence
The natives were systematically killed

Declarations were made
Martial law was established
The kingdom's territories became larger
The kingdom became more powerful
Leaving us with symbols of grace

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