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Melbourne to Darwin November 2019

Melbourne to Darwin

The Shopping Centre

Not knowing whether to be scared or to be content
Make your judgment
Halo or devil 

We describe our persona of creepy
In our religious manifestations
In our children books
In our stories 
In our movies

Our hell on earth
Permitting the dead to guide our fear and vision 

Peter went shopping
In our hallowed place of transaction
To think and talk about probability
To keep the gate open for approved believers
To revoke the others who continue to seek knowledge

Our gatekeeper of the significant fell into a moment
And became lost in thought 
He let his guard down 
There on a humble symbol of power 
Laid down to rest

A situation began to unfold
No-one saw who claimed it

Everyone knows Key 6 was extensively employed to establish Terra Australis Incognita
To support those of divine grace to access the fruits of this new world
To impose those bereaved from grace and imposed to a fate of generational poverty

The moment in which Peter forgot about key 6 
Was not on an average day

The preaching son was lost in his moment
As he chanted God loves you all, a Pontianak stole control
Such is the path of a Saint

Peter's Key inspected St James Cathedral
Melbourne's first cathedral
Of Colonial Georgian aesthetic

Too small for purpose
An insufficient statement for ambitious  Marvellous Melbourne
Saved by key pioneer families

By Royal Charter

We chose not to see 
Our exclusive right
To self fiction 
To mask the horror inflicted

We simply turned a blind eye
And inflicted extermination, genocide, and sickness

From begging to missionaries and domestic servants
To an inter-generational underclass

The Settlers Reigned Down Under

With their sheep
And their beef
And their homes
And their wants
And their names
And their beliefs
And their justice

Until  trade and commerce was established
And controls were legislated

Deep questions 
Deep human questions
The right to be stupid
Traveling in silence and adoration
Discovering innate and unconscious fear
Surrendering to the purposefulness of self
At loss

Let my death be a message
Rubbish and balderdash

The end keeps returning
Suddenly and unexpected

Our normal defensive response

Like-minded people 
Reinforced viewpoints
Extreme opinions

Gorging on the comforts of technology
Admiring the terrifying beauty of  surveillance
Each and every algorithm forming a nexus of intricate stories

Not no longer a passive electrical device
Armed with an intention to boost transmission
Their digital eyes 
Their artificial intelligence

The enterprise grows 
A booming market
Open closed off on open closed off on
Vision as a service

He rode a horse
He dropped his sword
He took off all his clothes
To be in poverty

In time for equity and rights
Original meanings
The primordial

Being of an exclusive attitude
Of one's own

Library of Might

When the Library opened in 1856 the British Empire was the dominant global power, with colonies and outposts all over the world

Ned Kelly's Library
Now in the State's custodianship
His letters, armor, and deathmask

A green silk sash
Ghostly intimidation

Across the road, Ned was hung
A life of situations beyond his control
There is no claim to objectivity
The impossibility of justice

We share a terrible history of global destruction
Our crown's propensity towards violence
Capital Imperialism 
Driven by the right to reign
At heaven's command, Britain first

Mass execution
Power is destiny

Glorification and institutionalization of historical benefits
Underlined by imperial knowledge banks
Written by those who are dedicated to logic and rationalization 

Strategic justification 
The order of might
This is what the colonizers know and do

Ned Shadows Melbourne

Thousands of supporters 
But no reprieve

The lawless frontier was controlled
Make an example of
Through execution
And the keys to heaven

From an earlier time
Venerated and preserved
Heritage and martyrdom in decay

In the house of the proper 
On display 
The behaviors 
The paradox of yesterday

Maintaining academic distance 
A moment not like ours
The power held within
Social Design
Sanitized discordance 

Prowl Vader Ned Algos
New Gods 
Man God 
Ancient God
What matters to you
Secret business
Rapid change
Towards complete and permanent cessation

Face of Turmoil

In this building
In this room
Collective memory
Personality trait psychoticism
Bringing together different ideas 
Non-conformist solutions to address new problems

Ned Kelly and the State Library Dome

It was not that long ago
Between history, science, and fiction
This new form of me

Confined by experience
Confirmed by previous learning
Considerations of limits
Clarifications of terms
Conditions made similar

That what is embedded in us to continue forward

Sometime later Saint Peter found key 6 in Melbourne
Impulsive and yet cowardly
Being both hot-tempered and tenderhearted
Insightful and yet ignorant
Courageous and solid after Pentecost
Yet was hypocritical

I didn't know
I simply forgot
And to refind requires divine inspiration 

I forgot how to be prepared
And ignored the uncontrollable me

Once again we separate from one another
And before the night is over
As emotions subdue
I just slip away
Just to feel more at ease

I stumbled and freely fell
Down and in among the standard economy 
With guilt as my gilded suppressant 
Or was it fear
Or was it respect
I patiently waited in place
With everyone keeping an eye on each other
I waited until boarding was called

That is why you are here
It is not the easy option

Whenever you can find your place
In and between transience
In the ambiance of waiting
Find opportunities to make sense

I'm just waiting in place
Halfway between departure and arrival
A living cultural landscape
Paved and lined for the thousands
From generations to generations
More than myths and magic
No longer a featureless place
500 million years to today

The trepidation of being alone
When in the transition from place to place
Experiencing deep and vital dangers
Venturing into uncertain territory
Racing towards the chance
To experience heightened emotions
Of altruistic happiness
Sometimes I play dead
Then I am not afraid

Sheltered in your shadow
I put my hope in you

Too afraid to stand alone
I hide with the meek and quiet

We love the darkness thrown
Where in 
Here inside 

We safely tremble
This our place
Filtered from harsh light
Far beyond their righteous stone

Sense of transient place
Knowing you are almost home
It is all we have
This biosphere
My reasons for life
My sphere
My region of interaction
This is me as organic life
As atmospheric
In awareness

Red Cloud Passing
178 seconds to live
The time it takes to lose control.
Once inverted
Demand your certainty 
In this world of loss

Thank god for peripheral vision
And our dreams and out-of-body experiences
Always in fear
Justified and bound in chain 
As in splendor 
Alone and just being
Just got to know

Trying to get away
Never knowing where I am going to
Never to know whether I have arrived
How to gain a higher purpose in life
Without reason 
To actually  dream

This is where I am at now
Wanting to sleep
And restless till morning

In our public places
In our shortened term

In our repetitive behaviour
We created  bonds
Forming reason 
A bond

To share our emotional identities
Our experiences
Our thoughts
Our feelings
Our memories

Wanting to be here
Caring and treating each other gently
By achieving more than just doing our job
In the sanctity of our biosphere
Of all living beings 
of all relationships
Being at home feeling magnificent

Under the heading destroyed
Francis walked into the night
With a bleak outlook
Borderline and obsessive
And away from the street lights

A Darwin Bougainvillea Christmas
The night before December
In beauty and in pink
Darwin Mall 9:30 pm
It is why I chose this place

It is not the method or magic involved
It is the dream that is imposed
To orchestrate chaos into reason
Questioning why not
Of each livelihood built on inherited death
To continually find beauty 
Through power and resource

Darwin Plastic Night

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