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Celeste Sees All Oceans Waves

We were born in the oceans and waves And here you are Wanting the tide to rush in And wash away all that is present

In our boring life In our thirst for fortune In our misery In our ventures to forge

All afloat on the sea
An all seeing prophecy

Celeste 0002 Transient

Malicious intent
Brighten the night
Knowing what it takes
To become
Sweep away the stars
The cosmos the endless space
Sweep away the deepest fantasy
The nothing within

Escape the inner sanctum
Welcome kind blue skies

Here within darkness
No prayer can forgive

There within lightness
Forever seeking understanding

This transience
It's cycle
In repetition

And in loss of awe

Celeste 3 Faces

Smell me
See me
Touch me

Celeste Choice Loss

There is no sympathy in choice
Choice in loss
Choice of truth

Celeste Cross Road

Where identity begins and entity ends What is carried on as duty  What transcends within the private self Precision strikes Targetted warning Redline agreements Crossing the line  Brinkmanship
No logical understanding of which who is in control The dogma of the personal self The controls known as duty When it digs in When it knows it is a must When it instated as taking-stand
What truth will be established What bricks and mortar shall be destroyed What generations are destined to pain and grief Trust and manifestation  Mechanical weapons Chemical weapons Bio-organic weapons
Identification of my enemies' monster  Placating the enemy within Mechanical mind Primaeval reckoning   
Surgical Appropriate Concise Planned  An orderly attack The legitimate choice of killing The loss of humanity Choice of friends

Celeste Tears and Flame

It takes so many tears to put out a flame

Celeste Warrior Woman Intention

If you move a step closer
I will see your intention
Then it will be written under the heading deception

In my mind, your will shall be misinterpreted
For centuries onwards
Never to be accepted or rewound
It being too late
No longer connected to need
A lost cause

These, the fruits of combative splendour
These, the fruits  of combative grandeur
These, the fruits of audacious victory

Your loss will not secure martyrdom
Your loss will not be cloaked with conspiracy
My force is determined
My force is greater than your capacity

For vengeance
For retaliation
To regain your virtue

It is we who will be remembered
Our mind is so
You will not feed on my cost
Your destruction is my virtue

Celeste 0001 Nothing

There is nothing within
Only the beginning is within
Nothing before but darkness
Nothing is within us all
It is within our grasp
Forcibly ignored, restricted and hidden from view
This nothingness manifests within
Until nothing can restrain it's fury
It's insight
It's being
It is the nothing of within