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Improved Learning Program: approach and implementation

A continuous improvement continuum (rubric)Improved Learning Program: approach and implementation
Starting -> Emerging -> Applying -> Infusing -> Transformative

StartingEmergingApplyingApproachNo quality improvement plan or process exists.School leaders and teachers realise the importance of aligning leaning program improvement with the department's and school's mission, vision, values and strategic improvement plan.

School leaders and teachers work with each other to develop attainable goals within defined timelines. School leaders and teachers are committed to continuous improvement.

School leaders and teachers explicitly allocate time within their work commitments for learning program improvement.ImplementationNo direction of what constitutes a continuous improvement learning program, and no quality planning is evident.Whilst the school's strategic plan has been communicated action to improvement is sparodic.

Not all school leaders and teachers have committed …

The 21st Century learner is the purpose

The 21st Century learner is the ‘moral purpose’ (Stiegelbauer, Fullan & Hopkins) for school transformation. The strategic aspiration is to provision online learning that empowers students to become ‘confident and capable global citizens’.

The moral purpose of improvement is to develop a teaching and learning service which supports the 21st century learner to become confident and capable global citizens. This overview introduces and reflects on the implementation of teaching and systems strategy of reform and innovation. The strategy is to shift learning programs from a print ‘n post didactic transactional service to a  collaborative high class online visible learning methodology.

Key Drivers for Improvement

21st Century Learner - the DriverVisible Learning.Online Course Improvement.The School Improvement Plan.Department of Education Strategic Plan.National Declarations (including Professional Standards and Curriculum).Academic Research.Community and Society (Expectations (and chan…

Specialist Teacher shortage vs Expert Teachers

In senior secondary school there is a perceived understanding that to teach the subject properly you need a subject specialist teacher - in simple terms a generalist teacher is not sufficient.

The claim that many teaching positions are held by teachers ,who are not trained in their subject, implicitly point to the notion that non specialist teachers deliver a lesser service.

There is little doubt that many schools employ teachers to teach subjects who are not trained in the subject, but I do not believe that they automatically offer a lesser service

BUT there is no easy way to measure this assertion.
How do we measure the learning impact of “Out-of-field” teaching?Do we solely evaluate on the basis that:  students learned the content, they passed their exams, and they achieved good grades? 

However - is there a bigger problem?

Is the real problem about developing expert teachers, who love teaching students? Love of Teaching I find it difficult to ascertain a…

Despair Embrace

Despair Embrace - It is about cultivating caring.

Title:Despair Embrace - Cultivation
Year: 2014
Medium: Autodesk SketchBook, Samsung Note 2
Artist: John Bennett jjfbbennett
Series:Calligraphy Bug series
Image version:png

Iberian 4th century BC - Seated female terracota with a child. Goya - Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta 1820Egon Schiele - The Embrace, 1917 In moments of time divinities perpetuate our consciousness and knowing activity. Nourishing each other and feeding each other through touch. Unspoken acceptance in the want of knowing that this trust is acceptance and celebration of mortality. Greatness of life is only fleetingly expressed within an intimate blanket of being together embraced together in isolated inclusivity.

The embrace nurtures us back to health. It pacifies mistakes, errors and transgressions.

In languages not transcribed, deeply rooted in tacit knowing, abstract understanding and unspoken shared need expressions of despaired love is not demonstrated as a disp…

Godin Youth

Godin Youth acrylic on stretched canvas

Lounge Room view (not to scale)
Mouth and nose (detail)
Right eye, eye brow and nose (detail) 
Godin Youth Digital Image Original sketch fr acrylic painting

Whilst similar to the digital sketch, the acrylic painting is richer is color and tone.
Godin Youth Digital Video

Godin Youth Poem
Godin Youth, it has never been easy.
It looks like you have been here before.
But you haven't.
Wake your seniors from their slumber, before you begin to drift.
As sleep walkers, they are only accepting what may have been.

Information Artist: John Bennett (JJFBbennett) Medium: Atelier acrylic paint
Size: Stretched canvas 30cm x 20cm Year: 2016

Painting surface has been fixed and varnishedPainting can be purposed commissioned to scaleContact: JJFBbennett art
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Godin Defence: Why can't everything just stay the same?

Life promised so much but little favour came my way.
And over this vista of nothingness I claimed what is mine.
I waited for all of the promises and yet none did come.
Others more fortunate gained splendor, but splendor was not me.
And I gained self respect on other's misfortune.
But your misfortune is not of my concern.
Count your blessings and rot in your tragedy.
Yes it will end in tears should you trespass my den.

I do not travel,  my miracle is here.
I remained close to my heritage.
This colonial might.
This is God's country, he gave it to me.
I will deny you entry.
You are contagion, you are far less than me.

There are trees in my backyard, insects and lizards.
Rodents scamper at my feet and bats by my ears.
My dog is obedient.
In silence we sit.
Impatient and anxious , I do not want change.
In dark moments I tend to my spite.
With bottle in hand I seek like-minded.

A good  man I have been.
I have done no wrong.
My house is clean.
My garden is tendered.
My lawn is mowe…

Pokemon go : Get out and about and learn

Went out Pokemon hunting with my android cell phone.
In case of accident I always take some friends.
Then it occurred to me this, was something I really enjoy.
This urge has been around for years.
I need to get out and about and discover our environment.

Our children are locked within the boundaries of school.
They are all locked in and hard skill assessed.
Placed on a conveyor belt and sorted into hierarchical pathways.
Public school stripped of all that is creative.
Even the arts are disciplined.
In school -where is the sense of fun and play and being part of it all.

What if formal learning was stationed like Pokemon go.
Where youth could congregated and learn in multiple locations.
Where learning encouraged youth to collectively gather and play.
Where unstructured activity blended with formal knowledge.
Where youth gained freedoms to self-govern, create rules, problem-solve and resolve social conflicts.
The employment skills of tomorrow require youth who can can
The classroom of t…

Leadership and the sledge

McGuire: In fact I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year. Caroline Wilson. And I'll put in 10 grand straight away - make it 20. [laughter] And if she stays under, 50. [louder laughter] What do you reckon guys? Who else is up there? I know you're in JB?
James Brayshaw: No, yep, Straight in.

Danny Frawley: I'll be in amongst it Ed.

McGuire: Is Duck there?

Wayne Carey: Yes, I'm here mate.
[and later]
Frawley: I'll actually jump in and make sure she doesn't — I'll hold her under, Ed.

McGuire: I reckon we could charge 10,000 for everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her.

Damien Barrett: I'm on Caro's side now, Ed. I'm on Caro's side these days, Ed. [indecipherable]

McGuire: She'll burn you like everyone else, mate. She's like the black widow. She just sucks you in and gets you and you start talking to her and then bang! She gets you.
And then McGuire ends: "It'll be magnificent. I think we should do th…

Turbull V Shorten Rabbit V Duck season

Australian Political Leadership: pre & post elections 2016

Rabbit season Duck season Rabbit season Duck season Rabbit season Duck season Rabbit season Duck season