Tales from the Urban Abyss



Our odyssey commences in the dim recesses of the urban labyrinth. Alleyways and byways, oft-neglected, unfurl their clandestine chronicles through the dance of illumination and obscurity. The resplendent yet ephemeral blooms serve as a metaphor for those fleeting instants of magnificence and lucidity that punctuate the otherwise oppressive tedium of existence.

Her presence, both mooring and spectre, embodies the dichotomy of existence. She is present, yet ethereal—a part of the metropolis, yet distinct from it. Her metallic sheen, unyielding and reflective, becomes a tableau for the city's essence. In her, we discern our own reflections, our aspirations, trepidations, and the silent reverberations echoing across the urban sprawl.


Explore city life's profound beauty and haunting reality through a poetic journey inspired by the silent movie Metropolis. Discover the interplay of Light and Shadow in urban landscapes, where the silence screams and unfulfilled desires are brought to life through dark jazz sounds and vibrant LED lights.


Urban life, Sartre philosophy, City dreams, Silent screams, Visual poetry, Soulful jazz, Urban landscapes, Existential angst, Light and shadow, Metropolis reflections, Urban beauty, Unfulfilled desires, Contemporary Art


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