The Story Bridge Branch

The Story Bridge Branch
Burden and Enlightenment


It was breathtaking to see the sun rise over Story Bridge. Yet, I couldn't help but be buried in my thoughts as I walked through the deserted alleyways. My soul was burdened by depression and anxiety, and the suggestions of others simply made things worse.

I had the impression that I was stuck pushing a wheelbarrow full of emotional baggage. My own concerns and doubts were causing me to delay and postpone my aspirations. Bouts of procrastination and hopelessness prevented me from realising my full potential. So I identified with every cause that offered relief because I felt like an important person.

But then I came across a motivational transcript without a title that promised to guide me towards inner tranquillity and contentment. Instead, I experienced a change in myself as I read the lines. My mental fog started to lift, and I began to perceive the world differently.

I walked through the busy streets. The life and vitality of the city hummed all around me. Once overpowering and disorganised, the flashing lights now made me feel awestruck and amazed. The writing made the world's splendour and majesty more apparent. I experienced a sense of tranquillity and pleasure that I had never experienced before as I gazed out over the city skyline with its tall towers and busy flashing lights.

The world was now a place of promise and beauty rather than fear and dread. It seemed as though I had come out of my own personal hell, where the writing of an unidentified influencer had significant meaning. However, now that I had discovered a route out, I could embrace the light and leave the darkness behind.

I realised at that precise time that the speech had given me a second chance to face my worries and uncertainties and appreciate the world's beauty. As the sun rose higher in the sky, it signalled the start of a brand-new day full of prospects and chances for growth and development.

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 My Mental Fog

I have decided to switch 
to a mindset structure 
that better matches the requirements 
of today's modern ecology.

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