The Branch of Three


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The Branch of Three describes an individual's struggle to move forward and make progress despite facing obstacles and challenges. The imagery of the moon breaking through and the restless breeze wandering between "past hatreds and future promises" suggests a sense of uncertainty and turmoil. In addition, the artwork in the collection describes the "decisions of others who cut me down," indicating the feeling of being held back or hindered by the actions of others. Yet, despite these difficulties, the purpose of creating is to continually push forward and continuously fight through life to be creative, acknowledging that others may have it more challenging. "But I never wanted to march. But I did," suggests a sense of determination and resilience, despite not wanting to be in this position.

John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscribe to JJFB's work via Blogger, YouTube, Flicker, Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art

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