Simulated Portal Access

Driving in John Brack’s Car

Surrounded by death
I was the only one ok

Pumping out.
And breathing in.
Sulphur dioxide,
Nitrogen dioxide,
Carbon monoxide,
And PM10s.
Traffic pollution is killing us.

Are the common causes.
Of running on richness.

Red Sky Driving 
Punctuated by religious motifs.
And deeply superstitious thoughts.
The importance of place and time.
Curses, desires, potions, and talismans.
Refusing to see the danger at hand.
By attempting to overcome the gods in mind.

Driving with the Megalodon
Driving cloaked in and under threat.
Knowing how to survive and prosper.

Proceed into the world chanting.
It could be anywhere.
It could be everywhere.

Avoid and mask any risk of being blamed.
Substitute and shift their attention.
To covertly Inflict physical and psychological harm.
And they will believe in you.

Driving to Alpha Centauri

Once we were driving to Alpha Centauri.
Only 4.37 light-years away.

Once when we were thinking outside the box.
When we became vastly more powerful.

Once we finally released ourselves.
Through a fleet of probes.

Once we find a life-bearing planet.
As we transverse the great vastness.

Driving to Alpha Centauri Hands-Free

We know.
Our auto-drive to resource capital growth precipitates zoonotic diseases.
As we violate the natural habitat with abandonment.
Through our pathogen-inducing factory mindset.
Of continuous unlimited profit.

We have driven into an age of pandemics.
With an invisible hand called reaction.
To handbrake.
To force a capital disaster response.
Through oversupply.
Through supply chain disruption.
Through labor shortages.

To slow global production.
And to reset.
Until the next humanity threat.

Interior Space Assets

Trying to control the world.
And the people of the world.
Through consumption.

As the world continues to move.
The commodities continue to change.

Caged within.
Human resource and automation.
Cultural resources as assets.
Within their commodity status.

Chained to exponential growth.
As described by the grid.
And the predetermined trajectory coordinates.
Of profit.
y = 2x

Interior Space Fog

You can see the fog.
Big trouble ahead.
Caution Caution.
Danger Danger.
Your family is at threat.

The uncertain perspectives.
When everything depends on you.

Interior Space Passenger and Roo
Driving in John Brack's Car

From out of the fog.
And into our dreams.
From past dangers to the ongoing dilemmas.
What we chose to kill became us our future.

When it was too difficult to stop.
With no want to slow down consumption. 
We sold inconvenience as the obstruction.
Death as normalised collateral.
Our road to prosperity is guttered with roadkill.


As the roadkill proceeds.
From past wrongs.
Hidden dilemmas and white-washed histories.
Our future is not determined to be inclusive.

Not to be obstructed.
Not to be denied.
Prosperity doesn't trickle down.
Prosperity reinforced segregation.

Operation Warp Speed Alpha Centauri

Fractured visions driven by multi lateral public–private partnerships.
All out to acquire the profitable future.
By liberating scientists from the bureaucracy of their parallel universes.
To corporate bureaucracy where industry has the upper hand.

It was never about us.
Our safety.
Distribution and coordination.
It is about.
Fuck international solidarity.
Invested in destruction.

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