Meme Heterotrophs


While North America and Europe are asleep. Australia is awake. Relocate.

The beauty phenomenon. Givenness and in excess. All-American beauty.

Their women are the most beautiful. Their men are the most virile.

USA exported US$107m worth of frozen beef to China in July.

Australia exported US$35m worth of frozen beef to China in July.

The USA leapfrogged Australia as the leading exporter of frozen beef to China.

Australia is the loser.

Ambiguous shared values

Excluding Muslims from citizenship. Authoritarian occupation of Jammu-Kashmir.

Widespread police brutality. Enlightened self-interest.

Exporting recording high volumes of coal to India.

Vaccine rollout is "not a race". The sooner we get there, the sooner we get there. Confused.

Evoking. Ancient history and myth. One ecstatic impulse.

Industrialization. Escape from ancient narratives. To a new order of continuous disruption.

Outsourcing public housing is a failure.

The stock of available housing for low-income people is almost non-existent really.

The waiting list is long.

The biggest limited scripted series ever. USA fictional propaganda. False fiction.

Devastating falsehood.

An entire life has been crossed out.

Heterotrophs. Nations that feed on other nations. For continuous growth.

What's my meaning in life? I'm getting older. What am I doing here?

From a schoolboy, Joe never had his likeness taken. Joe Byrne remained elusive.

A huge challenge is losing total control. Your destiny. This pandemic.

Realize we are not the ones deciding. 

Demonstrate unity publicly. Don't leak. Fight privately.

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