Systemic Delusion Modellhut


Don't shoot the messenger.
Prominent missions.
Persuasion and exposure.
Denial and protection.
Collaboration and denial.
Espionage and love.
Systemic delusion and culture.

As night falls fast.
The burden.
The understanding.
Awareness of the ladder.
The subliminal inceptions.
The stimuli.
As time is taken.

The accountability of fallen leaves.
Vagrant clouds across the night sky.

The insinuated and sorrowful.

And the corruption from within.
Submitting to be changed.
By a systemic imperative.
Endowed through pressure and lip service.

Night Fall Dress
The histories that shaped today.
All the long gone festivities.
The outlined visions.
The political alignments. 
And the imposed norms.
The threat of penalization.
To systemize accountability.

Formulating a principal-agent relationship
A construct of
Agency agreements
Retainer agreements
Covert agreements

Demonstrated your loyalty
To the most important player
Your explicit behaviors of adherence 
To established norms and values
Whilst shunning your feelings 
Losing yourself to the blame game

Gown, Growth, and Beauty

On receiving a right to be recognized.
And obtaining the merit to be known. 
Develop your character beyond dispute.
Employ your competitive thirst to drive.
And in the midst of suffering patriots.
Determine the political role that is to be played.

Once granted comprehensive authority.
And the decision-making body process was ordained.
Everything became overlapping.
Control was made deliberately confusing. 
Until fear became ubiquitous.
And national safety became the protection of interest.
Then shopping is what we became.

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