The Cross
The Grid
The Circle

Solidification of the seasons.
Stability in each direction.
Meanification of all elements.
Salvation through sacrifice.
Punishment to capitalize civilization.

To thrive and to protect our interests.
To maintain global military and economic order.

When belief becomes actuality.
Belief in space aliens.
Belief in ghosts.
Belief in powerful symbols.

The mindless mass
And evil forces. 

The deep state.
of scientific coverups. 

Those who cannot be seen.
In their secret places.

The Cell-Grid Sphere

From only seeing things. 
To knowing things.
Requires unshackling.

Then taking the action.
To realize your cell of truth is bound within another's grid.
A grid that belongs to a sphere of commanding respect.

Their chains point us in one direction.
Their cosmos.
Their order of the human being
To our norm.
Our place.
Our comfort.
Our willingness to accommodate their order.

Knowing discomfort is in the dismissal of seeing.
Knowing is to experience their sphere of wrath.
Through their ignorance.
Their well-ordered judgments.
Their order of a no better life.
The order that cannot be killed.

Utilizing advanced technologies 
Flexible performance 
Systemic security
Maintaining hierarchical surveillance

Know Your Cell

Living in this new world
Know your prison in greater detail
Than your warden
The significance 
And the reason 
To take action

Know Your Cell 
Watch for the inconsistencies
In your behavior
Yourself as embodied
Your organization 
Your response and reactions
Until you can dissociative from your state
In your own circular time

Just like clockwork
I realized 
I was devouring the menu
I was not eating the dinner
This being my construct

Prepare the situation


Poem by JJFBbennett
Images by JJFBbennett
Music by JJFBbennett
Video by JJFBbennett

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