Darwin Sidewalk


Listen for the faint sounds of weeping.
To reestablish your direction.
The path you are on.
Your dreams and visions.

The need to feel above.
Above the underworld.
Fighting each weakness to fail.
Each diversion that beckons.
Seeking the shortcomings of each perfection.

The same street.
Is no longer recognizable.

It is time to search.
For a catalyst. 
For an ornament. 
For a precious memory.

Sacredness and control.
Through self-reflection.
And thinking about thinking.

Too hectic to wade through the complications.
The science, values, and imperatives.
The social categories in disagreement.

We are polarised.
By our relationship to reality.
By our bond to our peers. 
By conflicts that form identity.

The kind of person you are.
Who you share your values with.
Who you are trusted by.
Who understands you.

Small conversations.
That involves acceptable lies. 
To get on each other's side.
Trying to imagine where we can agree.

By avoiding disagreements.
And points of view.

By skipping over what was conveniently forgotten.
Agreeing to disagree.

To be on your side
To be on my side

Fast growth.
At high speed.

An inability to understand the inevitable.
Of exhaustion.
Of elimination.
Of extermination.

This industrious bubble.
The all at once hunger.

Continuous growth.
Is dismantling our biosphere.

The urgency is ecosystem collapse.
The rapid loss of structure and function.

And the path ahead?

We are unplanned.
Our science publicly discredited.
Our interpretations are capitalized.
Questioning is marginalized.
Leaving us little time for preparation.

The impossible.
Our time.
Our legacy.

We are locked in.
To the denial of urgency. 

To conceptualize sustainable communities.
To confront our drive for exponential growth.

To address: 
The multiplicity of death.
The free passage of noxious profit.
The denial of common salubrity.

We all have a lizard brain.
In and amongst our woke capital selves.
The climate change denying leader.
The celebrity imposter.
Governments that cover-up.

Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting, and extraterrestrial.
Two heads and two butts.
Those entities that are closer to enlightenment.

Forging ahead through the prejudices of society.
Forever tripping over each other.

'What's in it for me?

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