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Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 2

I have participated in previous holidays with urgency to experience something that I have not experienced before - a different country, a different city, and different tourist sites. I have a well-developed desire to travel and gain satisfaction through novel experiences. I have accepted that the consumption of difference is the basis of my creativity.

However, this holiday is passive and now intentionally regulated by maintaining a pattern of doing the same each day to reflect on the subtlety of difference. 

I'm not 'just doing it' for the sake of just doing it, at the same-ish time of day. On the same path through the same location, two days in a row, trying to establish my understanding of action within Jingil Water Garden within itself.  

So I am intentionally subjugating myself to perform in a linear succession day after day. In this manner, I bridge myself with yesterday, with today, and with tomorrow. A challenge of repetition to gain a deeper understanding of my creative purpose. Each repeated iteration an improvement in understanding of my interpolation with Jingili Water Gardens. 'Beginning and beginning again' (Deleuze) to differentiate my experiential intentions. 

Can continuous beginning be manipulated to change my perceptions of what I currently understand? Can what is essentially fleeting and easily forgotten become a breakthrough of realization by employing repetition? 

To self-discipline myself thinking through the confinement of a loop to ultimately forcibly break out of the loop, to see sameness and difference within continuity and employing habit to understand dealer forces within the dimension of the experience. 

Many artists employ repetition to produce an identifiable and sellable trademark. Each individual artifact as a reproduction of beginning and beginning again aimed at stepping forward to a purposed pursuit that is authoritative and creative. The loop, not as a deficit but as a continuous improvement cycle that enables uniqueness and a correlative sense of recognition and familiarity. Knowing before experiencing to advance knowledge.  Each iteration of knowing that bit more advance before experiencing once again. Embedding each experience to consolidate knowing. 

At what repeated experience can I understand a leveling up, where I claim mindfulness - I know this place, I have experienced the iterations and future experiences are foreseeable. Or shall I lose interest or seek another variable to reattain novelty? 

My holidays are normally devoted to novelty. That is basically indulgence, luxury, and sensual pleasure. Knowing that within the temporal release of formal duty I will gain stimulation and uplift through unique experiences. After the short-term whirl, I return to the grind of regulated repetitive work, focussed on improvement. 

Is it a waste of precious time to repeat and to re-enact over and over again, when I could be doing something totally different each day? Shouldn't my holiday-life be my own individualistic fabrication of something new each and every moment, and feasting on a multiplicity of possibilities that is open to me?

Day 2 of my COVID-19 restrictions holiday and I am employing Jingili Water Gardens as an agent to predict reality. I am questioning whether the enforcement of restrictions is a violation of my cognitive/social boundaries. I am employing repetition as a reflective re-enactment to discover creative differences. Can I gain further insights and identity-based understandings through iterative reenactment?  

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