Darwin Jingili Water Gardens Day 1

COVID-19 2020 has shut down my travels. 

So that now I'm on my annual mid-year break I have the time to question my actions. My employment is based on a formal strategy.  High pressure and doing it. 

COVID-19 has placed barriers onto my normality. The basis of this blog is questioning the 'just doing it' normality within the confines of COVID-19 restrictions. Understanding my actions within confinement -  'we cannot know things as they are in themselves' (Kant). 

On this basis, I have dedicated part of my holiday getting to know myself getting to know Jingili Water Gardens. In short, thinking about my experiences experiencing Jingili Water Gardens. 

My initial quandary is that I do not know if this blog is a response of being free to act within restrictions or is it a 'just do it' reaction imposed by confinement.  In other words, is this aesthetic of my own freedom or is it that of an outcome derived by that of an authoritative decision? 

If I walk around Jingili Gardens taking pictures of the beauty within without knowing why I am doing it, is this my free choice? 

Do I have to question my actions to actualize my status of freedom? 'Just doing it' has a dilemma within - of not knowing but assuming freedom. I mean, not knowing whether I am free is itself the problem I want to think about.

In short, this blog is about simultaneously observing my thinking and my thoughts about my thinking. 

But why am I doing this? Wouldn't it be easier just to smell the roses without thinking about it?

I have concurrently established a lifetime career as an educator whilst maintaining a fledgling attempt of creating art. My career as an educator is in its twilight years and I have a shortish window (of hope) to understand my actions of creating art. Neither career do I wish to be 'simply meaningless'. 

COVID-19 and Jingili Water Gardens has become my first attempt to apply freedom to my actions. 

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