This House Decide

This House Decide

This house
This want in this time
My home I cannot own
Seeking to listen
Seeking to speak
Wanting to take action

Forecast forward towards hope
Once owned by capital
Once driven by prosperity
Indexed to price
Now prepared for the big decline
From what was once remarkable
From what was once secure
This luxury all but to end
This fragile contract

The demand
Attend to all your needs
An inability to understand all sensory information
An inability to gather, automate and control processes
The environmental factors that simulate your capacity
These the engineered traditions, culture and preconceptions that affect emotional intelligence

Safe as a House
No need to try new things
No need to break it open
No need to be against the trend
Be as in control
Be as in on display
On as in
The totality of damage
The totality of intervention
The totality of pressure
Aggregate and step forward



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