Flagstaff Gardens Missing Statues

This is a matter of inference rather than direct seeing
Seven burials took place here
No evidence that the bodies were exhumed
What potential
If we want to understand it’s time to reinvent

We act as forgeries in the style of what we really want
Only to became redundant due to the introduction of a new technology
Then knowing we have been found out
We lack the  knowledge
Like fallen angles that lack life and emotional play

Taking the historicist position by what we forgot about it
Through the development of scientific knowledge
The colony of identity has been re-established
Normalised aura
To form once again - a unique existence in a particular place in time

This magnificent achievement that time has reshaped
To what is now less good, less beautiful, less awe-inspiring, less interesting
Our memories reliant on reward and monetary gain
Walk on by and think less about it
When none of the original statues exist, it nolonger matters.

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