TPACK overview

TPACK overview
  •     Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge 
CPK - The starting point
PK: Shulman, 1987
  • Content Pedagogy Knowledge
  • Shulman  (pre ’87) claimed that teachers' subject knowledge and pedagogy were being treated as mutually exclusive domains.
  • Consequence: a focus on either subject matter or pedagogy dominated education.
  • Shulman proposed that effective teaching existed in the overlap of the 2 dichotomies.
PCK: explanation
PCK is the intersection and interaction of pedagogy and content knowledge.
Essential Knowledge & effective teaching

PCK includes
  • Essential knowledge content-based curricula
  • Subject-specific concepts, theories & practices
  • Assessment and reporting processes
  • Instructional planning
  • Student's prior knowledge
  • Theories of learning - cognitive, social & developmental
  • Alternative teaching strategies
PCK: Teacher education programs
“Most teacher education programs in Australia have been designed by taking into account PCK.”
Teacher education programs are now considering the role of technology in learning - TPACK

DER: Teacher ICT Capabilities & Pedagogy
Digital Educational Revolution Australia
Teachers make innovative & effective use of ICT in pedagogy

DER - Implementation
  • Plan and lead change
  • Deliver digital learning to students in all areas
  • Learning management systems (Moodle)
  • ePortfolios (Mahara)
Learning Resources
  • Digital education resources (Scootle)
Teacher Capability
  • Harness the resources of the digital revolution
  • Integration of ICT to support changed pedagogies (ELITE AMPeL)
Warning: Technology without Pedagogy
Technology cannot be the driving force
  • Avoid the Mirror Image Syndrome
Avoid ICT replacements without due consideration of the purpose.
  • Think before a lesson becomes a PowerPoint with notes
  • Think before a class discussion becomes a forum
  • Think before a resource becomes a webpage with hyperlinks
Technology without pedagogical and content application will result in a reductive learning environment.

TPACK: Integrating Technology
  • Integrates Technology with Pedagogy & Content Knowledge
  • Increased technology for technology sake does not lead to increased student learning.
  • The effectiveness of technology is dependant on teaching practices.
  • How you integrate content and pedagogy with technology matters as much as integrating technology with pedagogy and technology.
  • If teachers see content, technology, and pedagogy as separate domains - technology will always be just an ineffective add on.
TPACK: Overview
TPACK is an understanding of interactions within the following domains
  • Technology
  • Pedagogy
  • Content
To effectively understand TPACK teachers need to understand  how
Technology Pedagogy and Content works in;
  • Isolation
  • Together
  • and in Context
TPACK example: Story retelling

  • Activity: Retelling a story
  • Setup: Class is divided into groups of 2 - Story is broken up into sections to accommodate the groups
  • Learning Objectives: Reading Comprehension Skills & Oral Speaking Skills
  • Learning Process: Students will read a text, retelling the story using Media Editor and share  the retold story
TPACK: Questions

Questions to ask yourself
  • Which of the domains do you find easiest to work within?
  • Which overlapping domains do you find most difficult to work with?
  • How will you plan your learning environment to include all domains and overlaps?


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