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From Studio Artist to Metaverse Artist

Video link   This is my journey from Studio Arts to Digital to Online to NFT to the Metaverse Starting point - Decentraland From Studio Artist to Digital Artist to NFT Artist to Metaverse Artist This is the start of my journey into the metaverse My name is John Bennett and my AKA is JJFBbennett I want to immerse my art in the virtual landscape My starting point is This Branch This Branch is about accepting the beauty of the night and how it affects our sleep, mood, emotions, and conscious being It is based on 12 branches and contains poetry, vignettes and reflections I have started to plan out how my metaverse JJFBbennett.xverse It will be hive-like Translucent It will branch out into other technology realms I want it to be connected to ancient architecture And spiritual aspirations My first step into the metaverse is Decentraland I have not experienced this metaverse But the welcome page is exciting You are welcome to join me in this discovery journey Support and share Video link Meta

Branch Breeze Red Flare Triptych

  Poem  I am a soft-shelled bomb. I present a greater risk than the credit given. You cannot sense my threat. You just won’t know. My beauty delays your response. My beauty delays your reaction. The chemicals that you breathe in. The chemicals that you absorb. And with each generation, you dumb down. Your children are exposed. They are the ones who are most damaged. Do not seek my awe. It deceives your ability to countermeasure. Forensic restoration is too late. Vignette  I know my body has been degraded, and you know your body is contaminated. Our bodies contain a plethora of chemicals too numerous to list. Yet, we continue to digest these violating agents as they camouflage their outcomes. We accept the unknown knowns even under the pursuit of festivity and celebration.  The organizers choose not to warn us, and we act as nonchalant victims. Too concerned with prophesized threats to hold fear on digestible toxins. Profit and chemical regulation relies on the immediacy of symptoms. Bu


  Q Gallery Taking Action The Arrival Q Street Q STOP Fortitude Valley Lane with Rabbit Fortitude Valley End of Lane The Flood Gate The Red Flood Gate Sunrise over Story Bridge From God's own country to God's country The High Rise and the Locked Gate Rich Art Poor Art John Bennett - AKA JJFBbennett is an independent artist. You can subscribe to his work via Blogger , YouTube , Flicker , Facebook , Instagram and Deviant Art .  If you want to support his art creation you can give a one-time donation to him through PayPal here  or a subscription via  Patreon here . If you want to acquire his art creations in NFT - John's Opensea NFT profile is  

Branch Breeze Orange Triptych

Poem When I seek shelter. I am anxious. Panicked by the cacophony of advice. From all those loaded up. With their wheelbarrows and bags of emotional weight. I am delayed and postponed. My dreams ruined. Locked into procrastination. I the belittled consumer. Attached to every cause. Designed by those more intelligent than me. And then I downloaded a new app. Now I am mindful. In my cage. Vignette Without feeling devastated, I never fully realized my inattention ruined my dreams of myself — so many distractions locked me into an internal misconception. It takes as much energy to procrastinate as to invest in what I want.  The self-effort it takes to delude and believe in each product's message. As one of the target audience, I convinced myself to register, acquire, and purchase. My step forward is the seller's goal. Everywhere I venture, I partake as part of their moral purpose. I feel good as their faulted consumer.  They know how to relieve me of my dread. My acquisition is min

Branch Breeze Blue Triptych

  Poem When my thoughts don't realize. I become restless. I wander between what could have been. My hatreds and false starts. And all decisions I could never make. My sky dreaming. My glass ceilings. I as the consumer. Stoked by the genius. Those who know better for me. And the wasted life of never meeting promises. But still, I follow Vignette Branch Breeze concerns the thoughts I have but cannot fully realize. Without the words, I become restless and agitated. And I begin to think of the things I could have been. I start to dwell on my past frustrations, old hatreds, and false starts. They still haunt me. Then I think of the decisions I know I cannot make. I regret that I have not controlled most of my life, and I then think of what has control. The limitations of my blue sky dreaming and the many glass ceilings I have encountered. But I am content and, as a consumer, am amazed by this era's genius. This branch allows me to consider waste and hollow promises in context to th


Project Creating the JJFBbennett.x metaverse. My world that is beyond Connected with yours Being and sharing Interconnected Chaotic manifestations Without reasons to exist Not as a useful commodity As an elite private space Educated and interconnected Unwelcoming to most A room of unlearning behaviors Learning how to be idle and to self-engage To self-civilize In our world  When you could once have an original thought Despite the technical limitation and cost We banded together to will an intention Knowing there were no spiritual differences between x and y We knew we could exist In proposition and virtue Within the earth, and the heavens Where moments can eternalize Where the cosmos appropriates The golden house Celestial and practical From the ancients Metal, glass, and precious stone From the traditions that altered time Revered and technically accomplished Shaping all internal forces Both living and dead. Early in twenty twenty-two. Come look at this. On the edge of your seat. Four