Your Cage within Your Cage


Ghosts have been placed into your head.
This regime will not come to an end.
No matter what reasons are applied.
The shackles are not attached to your neck.
The shackles are not attached to your legs.
The shackles are in your head.
You want to see and hear. what you believe.
Assumed freedom is the cause.
Your cage is within a designed cage.
There is no force that reads your thoughts and memories.
As the force has imprinted your thoughts and memories.
Your cage was designed for your occupation.

You can only control your own.
Make your next step forward as your inevitability.
Find the fragility in your confinement.
Your self-imposed limitations.
Your reality through past memories.
Then judge who is right and who is wrong.
And discovering something to live and die for.
And a new meaning to discard purposelessness.

This Octagonal Cell

Behind the impenetrable military jargon.
There are traitors who threaten our freedoms.
Always seen.
Never to see the observer.
Those who monitor and influence.
He who unfolds himself.
Warding off evil.
Rebirthed and resurrected.
Earth within heaven.
A carceral network in the presence of authority.

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