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Keres Relic

Keres Relic
Of all creations Of all exemplar behaviors We listen out for fabulous stories Until what has always been can no longer be ignored Until we are in harmony with divinity  Without the need to clarify Just young again Smart and creative

Caught between two giants Promising to change the world Performing outstanding feats With irrepressible force Almighty without precedence
They have reconditioned our dimension From living without fear To living in fear Adaptable on the breaking point This is the brighter place

The Dramatic Rise and Falls
Of Powerful Monsters
Provides Opportunities
The dramatic rise and falls Of powerful monsters Provides Opportunities

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Rapid Creek Plant Life

You can taste it in the air It is outer-worldly All alone Radical That night Walk out of the car  Feel special Sheer bliss

Forget the narcissist leader Who persuades you through their exceptional talent
The leader who elicits your secrets Who manipulates every situation you are in
The leader who is beyond control Who will make you regret
Idiots all of them Basking in their callous work
Take a step outside Walk into the night And enjoy the uniqueness of life

I have always believed in miracles My victory was expected I was one of those unpopular leaders But they voted me in
I want to make you happy But I made a mess of it From this crisis to the next The smirk was killing me
But I learned quite a lot I took command I took control I picked a direction and I went for it
I became humorous I became frequent I became spontaneous
They now know I care for them  They now know that I understand  I know what you are going through

The predicted actions of leaders Who fall into helplessness Who becomes passive, indecisive, and depressed …

Three Sisters of Disruption

Sister 1 Keres
Ownership of activity Prescribed by acceptable transactions
All is in flux Resulting in frustration And redefining  What is a fully functioning person
New base-line violations and agreements To deal with unconscious reaction and reasoned response Every interaction is observed To satisfy the needs of commercial interest
There is no snap-back This is the new socio-economic order Of artificial intelligence, automation, and surveillance
Those who are left behind Will be punished by poverty By systems that are impenetrable and dehumanizing

If you want to survive, stay away From their dominance and contagion  From their wandering battlefields As they scavenge and feed on loss Feeding on their rotten victories

They elicit suspicion  Then once we are one from each other  They feed on the socially isolated By creating closed loops Fall and you are theirs

In other words Until you are dragged by the feet through their carnage

Sister One Keres Disruption: Video 

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Thinking Whilst Filling Out Forms

What does it take to make it seem 'as-normal'? 
Just as disruptive technologies successfully challenged established incumbent businesses and changed behavior, COVID-19 has disrupted what socially acceptable behaviors are. The disruption has impacted ownership of activity from the participant, to the onlooker, the designer, and the enforcer. And from this point on, the doing-it in a stable environment has changed.  
Right now, the contextual differences that prescribed acceptable transactions and behaviors are in flux. Cognitive understanding of what are changes in automated and behavioral expectations are enacted with haste causing social frustration and behavioral error. Who will be blamed, who will be punished, and who will be restricted is now contentious? By this, I mean what will be accepted as usual as authorities and the users competitively demonstrate assertiveness, insolence, communication aggressiveness, defensive reactions, and other possible behavioral exertions. The…