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Open and Free: Forget privatisation of knowledge (it's so 20 centryish)

Why I like freedom
Open Linux
Open Ubuntu
Open Google
Forget privatisation of knowledge (it's so 20 centryish)

If NASA can send an open source robot to the moon why can't you?

21st Century: The Learning Challenge

These notes are abbreviated; ebook text highlights and notes by jjfbbennett. I do promote the reading of this book to gain a deeper understanding of 21st C teaching and learning.
21st Century: Rethinking how students learn:
Whilst the following notes are inspired by the book they are not directly associated with the book.

The challenge
To equip students with 21st Century skills.The connection 
The link between skills and knowledge are interdependentEffective teaching requires students to learn skills Life long learning ability requires adaptive learning skillsStudents need the literacy and numeracy skills to have the fundamental capacities for lifelong learningPlan for the future
Foreseeing what future skills student will may need - is essential. Teachers need to plan for adaptive learning skills.Teachers cannot focus only on present day skills.The relationship between the educator and learner needs is key to students gaining 21st Century skillsParticipatory learning Learning needs to be out…

What needs to change in cricket to engage me

As an Australian my cultural heritage was embedded heavily in cricket - through many hours of listening to, watching, playing, supporting and discussing. I have now lost interest in the game - well more specifically test cricket, one dayers and now 20 20.

Test cricket is just out of touch.One day games are too long and take too long to get engagement. Simply putting, I cannot dedicate one day to watch a game. 20 20 is slightly better but my interest falls from one 20 to the next 20 session. It is like reading two books one after the other. It is not a game it is two games connected by a score.
Get rid of test cricket. It is too centred on the players, ex players and a hand full of die-hards. It is tedious, there are too many non event draws and is biased by climatic conditions. Borrrrring

One day games just take too long. There are better things to do with a TV, mp3 or tablet. My day is too interesting to waste on one game.

20 20 is half way there. For it to become …