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Time and Distraction reflection

Time and Distraction reflection
Reflection on competing needsPlan to Plan
Start the day with a 10 minute planning spaceDelegate to technology
Use technology effectively to cut out duplication and repetition Use a variety of memory based approaches
Hearing, Text, Visual and TactileEnable Planning
Learning Planning processesRemove ProcratinationSelf reflect on organisational practicesDevelop a can do mindset I Can't Get My Work Done:
An  hour per day  of distracted time translates into $10,375 of wasted productivity per person per year, assuming an average salary of $30/hour. That is more than the average U.S. driver will spend this year to own and maintain a car, according to the Automobile Association of America (AAA). Toggling between multiple applications/windows/tabs/items on the desktop contributes to the problem of distraction, along with using multiple devices at the same time. 45% of survey respondents keep at least six items open simultaneously, and 65% report using one to thr…

TPACK overview

TPACK overview


TPACK overview
    Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge by jjfbbennett CCCPK - The starting point
PK: Shulman, 1987
Content Pedagogy KnowledgeShulman  (pre ’87) claimed that teachers subject knowledge and pedagogy were being treated as mutually exclusive domains.Consequence: a focus on either subject matter or pedagogy dominated education. Shulman proposed that effective teaching existed in the overlap of the 2 dichotomies.PCK: explanation
PCK is the intersection and interaction of pedagogy and content knowledge.
Essential Knowledge & effective teaching

PCK includes
Essential knowledge content-based curriculaSubject specific concepts, theories & practicesAssessment and reporting processesInstructional planningStudent's prior knowledgeTheories of learning - cognitive, social & developmentalAlternative teaching strategiesPCK: Teacher education programs
“Most teacher education programs in Australia have been designed by taking into account PCK.”