Monday, January 15, 2018

Celeste All Dreams

All dreams begin as this
To form the vision
To have the passion
To enter with courage

Splashes of color emerge in the darkness
What is sky what is earth
Who is hunted
Who is in control

The powerful sleep close to their followers
Disregard those who cannot control
It can be done
Simulate the world within your imagination
Listen, embark and transform

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Intelligent Systems Monsters Lurk Within

The monsters are lurking within
The  journey into has always been perilous
How vast and deep we are
Devinely magnificent

Through our teaching we sought recognition
Cautionary tails
Facts of the matter
Do not venture within you will become disorientated, lost and trapped

Bounded to the safety of a narrow construct, we shied away from surrounding within
Limitations helped us banish the endless void
Our walls protect us
Our borders separate us
In fear of perishing outside, we sought to closed our mind to it
Suppress it
We are a danger to each other when unleashed
Our vast wilderness
For within our wilderness magic and madness may await

We thought technology would expand our security
And as the enlightenment sanitised explorations our technology started to stare into our beyond
Into our wild where fears roam
This expanse full of unknowns
The realm of great wilderness where gods and demons reign
Where we now play as tourists, and technology is able to make havoc

IT will leave us behind in our room of safety
We safely within our know
We safely transfixed by IT's new knowns
We safely at home entertained by IT's data
We get new patterns to learn from
We get new toys to sponsor novelty
IT will know us and our fears of the unknown
Placing safety at our forefront IT will bound us in security
IT will form barriers  to keep us away from the deep within
IT promises to make our fears forever inaccessible
IT will create new monsters to fight on our behalf

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Intelligent Systems Our Data Your Worth

How we move into the future is dependent on our ability to make sense
Before fact is rationalised gut feeling is digested
Before each step is taken we fall

Dig deep into your values
Enter into your hidden caves
Delve deeply
Find those values that emerge only once crisis and panic in evident
The issue is time
The problem is the compacting of intensity as each deadline approaches
What will change ignores those who cannot
Those who cannot change are left behind
In isolation 
As a useless dog barking at the cold dark night

Once data is benchmarked
Once the vision is realized
Once pathways are scratched
Once milestones are configured
The journey is described
The future becomes present

Transverse within multitudes of mindscapes 
Lose yourself within ifs and buts
Intoxicate yourself within white ant whispers
On your knees in harmonious prayer and in communal solitude 
Within and already placed to the side

The patterns of biomorphic resistance
The values of what works now
The standards that will be let go of
The hidden protection
The chains of what is known
As accepted and further away from what is

Yes but, what about me
I am more than this
My data doesn't define me
You owe me
Been there and done that
Listen to me, I am one of the silent
With me your plan will fail

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Godin Threat

The lessons of history are written through vested interest
Where you placed your foot
Which information you are were willing to consume

That's fantastic,  you were in  control of something about to change
Now for the profitable time,  gain control by sponsoring change
Reflect on what has been, what did your learn from missed opportunity 

Along came a spider 
Are you in flight or fright?
How do you digest threat?

You are right here
You are nowhere to be seen
You are the product
Your response determines your worth

Put your hands on your head
On your knees
On your eyes
Did that make you feel better?
Rate your happiness
Four stars or five stars?

Monday, December 18, 2017

My Favourite Image of the Week 008 

This is not me, but I know I am there
With similar wants and needs
I am there every day
Which ever context the terrain manifests
I control my knowing of good fortune and my acknowledgement of existence

There will only ever be now
Put your best thought forward
Let it enrich your presence
Be your endeavor
Make meaning

Make your own history to strive forward
Understand and plan yesterday's circumstances
Make the already a given
What was then the past, will be the fabrication of now
Put aside the fragrant whispers, the promises of new
Your game is determined by your placement
Your unique contribution is determined by this context
Your now is your past in disguise
Forever borrowing, the language of sense making is reliant on yesterday's understanding
What is done today was created yesterday and will determine  tomorrow